Turning Trash Into Surfing Fins- Step to Reduce Ocean Waste

Water pollution is one of the burning questions in the modern world. We are polluting lake, river, and ocean water every day by throwing waste and plastics. You will be surprised to know that there are approximately 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans, and a single number of plastic bottles takes 450 years to be degraded. Maybe this piece of information is shocking to many of us.

So we cannot even imagine how responsible we are for environmental pollution. This increasing rate of pollution will not bear any good result for us in the future. It is becoming a threat to our existence. Hence, if we do not become aware of this issue, we are going to see the end of the world soon, and nothing will we be able to do about it.

Scientists and environmentalists are finding different solutions to reduce environmental pollution. Many of them are bringing effective results already. Recycling is one of the best solutions to save the environment from plastic waste. The component that is mainly responsible for ocean water pollution is plastic. So if we recycle those plastic waste and use them in making different sports things like surfing fins, it will be the best use of the recycling process to meet multiple purposes.

What are surfing fins?

A surfing fin is an additional part of a surfboard that gives you control, direction, and stability on your board. Surfing fins allow surfing with more precision and speed. Otherwise, you have to put much of your ability to navigate through waves.

There are many types and sizes of surfing fins available in the market. The selection and setup of the surfing fins will be according to your style and preference.

Process of Making Surfing Fins:

Typically, any recycled plastic item has undergone the very first step, which is the process of shredding. That is, before being molded into a new object, and regardless of the transformation method, plastic waste must be torn (shredded) into pieces small enough to work them.

More specifically, the recycled plastic surfboard fin is obtained through plastic injection. The process consists of injecting melted plastic into a mold shaped like a fin with the aid of a lever arm.

There are three parts to the injection process: plastic, an injection machine, and mold. As prescribed by Precious Plastic and its Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kit, the injector can be hand-built using several elements that can be either bought off of eBay or in scrapyards.

Key Resources:

The main resource of this process is plastic. So collecting plastics or plastic materials is the most crucial task of this process. Moreover, you have to remember that not all types of plastic material can be used for this process. Therefore, you can find collecting resources for this process a bit difficult. There are generally three ways of collecting plastic materials-

  1. Beach Picking:

It is common knowledge that most beaches and shores are overflowed with plastic waste, and such an approach would likely be beneficial to the image of the start-up. But beach picking is the most cumbersome method. Identifying which category of plastic will be useful for the process would be difficult.

Household Waste:


Household waste is another source of collecting plastic materials. You should separate the plastic materials before throwing them into the garbage to quickly get into the recycling process. You can get plastic bottles, bottle caps, or fragmented buckets or containers. These are highly usable plastic materials for use for this purpose.

Industrial Waste:


The most convenient source is industrial waste. Many enterprises that use plastic or generate large quantities of plastic waste are commonly inclined to find environmentally friendly ways to get rid of it.

Is turning trash into surfing fins effective for reducing ocean pollution?

Recycling is the best process of getting rid of non-biodegradable components and save mother nature. Being so unaware of environmental pollution, we are keeping polluting nature at an alarming rate. The enormous amount of population makes it difficult to control it by law strictly all over the world. So recycling is a promising solution to this problem.

The ecoFins are really bringing great help to reduce water pollution. The result will be more significant when there will be a large number of manufacturers of ecoFins. The idea of using ocean plastic wastages to make the surfing fins was so much praiseful.

With the increasing popularity of surfing, the demand for surfing boats is also growing. With that, ecoFins are creating a place in the heart of nature as well as sports lovers. So ecoFins have an undeniable impact on reducing ocean water pollution. If we add more consciousness about pollution to it, we will get a much better result.

Is making or buying ecoFins costly?

No, making or buying ecoFins is not costly. The manufacturers will only need used plastic or plastic materials, and that will minimize their production cost drastically. Usual surfing fins are made of fiberglass, which is more expensive than ecoFins. So making or buying ecoFins is budget-friendly for sports lovers.

So if you have the option of saving money and saving nature, there is no reason for not going for it. If you are a surfing lover, you definitely are a nature lover as this sport is closely connected to nature. Hence, you should be aware of the plastic pollution of ocean water and buy eco fans for your surfboard to encourage the manufacturers.

Buy ecoFins and Save the Nature:

The ocean pollution crisis is not a new challenge for us. We are polluting the oceans by throwing waste for so many years. As a result, there are over five trillion plastic pieces in the ocean, and it is assumed that there will be more plastic debris than fishes in the oceans by 2050, which is a threat to the whole ecosystem of the world. If we do not take proper steps to solve this crisis, we will not be able to put a stop to the end of ours.

Manufacturing more ecoFins will be a major step to reduce the pollution of ocean water. You would be a part of this process indirectly by buying them. Moreover, we need to make this product more available and increase its popularity. We need to show its eco-friendly and budget-friendly features to the surfing lovers to become more interested in buying them.

Recycling is a cure to this problem. If we want to solve this pollution problem from the root, we have to prevent this. If we want to prevent this, we need to be aware that none of us throw waste in the ocean water. We have to create awareness among our friends and family.

Besides, there should be a replacement of plastic and plastic materials to stop the pollution. If each of us takes even a tiny step and comes forward, there will be a huge change soon. So why not begin with buying ecoFins?

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