What size bodyboard do I need?

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Choosing the right board for the right job is essential requirement to enjoy your riding experience. Selection of bodyboard is always begins with a lot of confusion and myths. It starts when you’re entering into a bodyboarding world or else looking for an upgraded version. Adding to that a board range of boards is getting access into the market with different shapes, sizes and distinct features.

Various designs with vibrant colors are always attractive, if you’re only relying on those attractive looks will end up buy an undesirable bodyboard.Before going for any conclusive decision on purchase, you need to rethink about the requirement.

The purpose for the different persons will always differ, based on the necessity of the user. A nice guide will give you better information about the question rising in your mind.

So, we have listed out the following questions.

  1. who is going to use?
  2. what type of board available based on size?
  3. What size bodyboard will fit for me?
  4. Is bodyboard height should fit up to belly button?

These are the common questions arises when you start digging for the perfect bodyboard. Here, we going to addressing all these questions, leading you to know the complete details of the bodyboard sizes.

  1. who is going to use?

The usage of bodyboard starts with the different age groups like kids and adults. Generally, the kid’s bodyboard sizes are ranges from 33 inches to 41 inches. Adults sizesare ranges from 37 inches to 43 inches. These boards are used from beginner level to advanced level riding.

  1. what are different sizes of boards?

The below table will give the general idea about the bodyboard sizes available in the market.

Bodyboard Table
Height  Size Riders Weight
2′- 4′ 33″-35″ 0-65 lbs.
4′- 5′ 36″-38″ 65-85 lbs.
4’6″- 5’2″ 39″ 85-115 lbs.
5’3″- 5’6″ 40″ 115-130 lbs.
5’7″- 5’9″ 41″-41.75″ 125-170 lbs.
5’9″- 6’0″ 42″ 145-180 lbs.
5’10”- 6’2″ 42.5″ 160-190 lbs.
6’1″- 6″3′ 43″ 170-210 lbs.
6’2″- 6″4′ 44″ 180-270 lbs.
6’3″- 6″6′ 45″ 195-255 lbs.
6″4’+ 46″ 200+ lbs.
  1. What size of bodyboard will fit for me?

  2. When your checking for the ideal bodyboard. Weight, height, body size and personal preferences are important basic parameters need to be considered.

  3. If your tall, skinny body and light weight weights  then the board of tall, narrow and thin size is enough.The normal and tall board is sufficient for the average weight and height person.

  4. Based on the personal preferences for the smaller waves, the taller and bigger size bodyboardis used for the smaller surf.Shorter and thinner size boards are used for the bigger waves because of controlling ability.

  5. Is bodyboard height should fit up to belly button?

if the board has to fit up to belly button. This statement raises a lot of questions because there are many types of boards available in the market. Which leads to doubt like how tall the rider should and how it can be measured. The problem arises for the growing kids, there is a lot of guy riding bodyboard goes up to belly button would be way too big of a board. if you’re too weight and short, you need a bigger board which may go over the belly button.


This guide will give an overall idea of bodyboard sizes. The above table shows the standard dimensions for the bodyboard. But those will change with respect to the person’s weight, height and body size. By considering the above point you need decide which size will be better for the bodyboarding. The final decision maker for the purchase of board is always the user.