Bodyboard V/s Boogie Board : Must Read Buying Guide

Body board Vs Boogie board

Water sports are a great way to release stress and also have a great time. It keeps you physically fit too in a fun way. The most sought after water sports are surfing, body boarding, and boogie board. Think all of them are one and the same? Well, not completely.

While surfing is quite clear to everyone, it’s the boogie & bodyboard that confuses people. Both of them seem to be the same activity, yet have two different names. Why? Let’s find out!

What is a boogie board?

The Boogie board is a board that was first built by tom Morey in 1971 for the purpose of riding waves by lying on the board. He named it so because of his love for a genre of jazz named boogie-woogie and thereby named his board Morey boogie. The name was changed to the boogie board when another company purchases its copyrights so as to sell in the market under this name.

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What is bodyboard?

It is also a board that is used to ride waves by water sports enthusiasts. It has been named so because the boogie board was already trademarked. It is just like the boogie board with a different name, used for wave riding while lying down on the board.

Now that we know their origins, we can clearly say that there’s no outright difference between either of these. It’s just about what came first and that was boogie board which later evolved into bodyboard, something that is the preferred term in today’s time by the people who use it. However, even though they are similar when it comes to their purpose and usability, there are few differences between these two boards, all of which have been listed out below:

  1. Affordable

When we talk about affordability, boogie boards are relatively cheaper in price and hence more easily affordable than bodyboards. But since both are one and the same, how is the price different?

Well, bodyboards are the modern version of boogie boards, hence much more advanced and suitable for all types of users. Be it, kid, beginner, or an advanced level user or even tournament professionals, you can easily find one that’ll suit all of their needs. However, when it comes to boogie boards, they are best for the amateurs or the ones who just prefer boogie boarding for fun or as a leisure activity. Since it is also the original version of bodyboarding, it has the basic features and therefore not fully equipped with features that’ll be helpful to every user too.

So, for the people who prefer simple body boarding should go ahead with the boogie board. However, for those who like riding high waves and also some great tricks with it, bodyboard is the option you should go for.

  1. History

 The Boogie board is traditional in sense of its design and also was the first type of boogie/bodyboard ever made. It got its name due to the preference of the maker towards a different kind of music and therefore named the board as Morey boogie. It came to be called a boogie board after a company started selling the boards and took over copyrights. Initially used by the local people, it caught attention soon enough as it seemed like an interesting activity to be engaged in and more people got into it.

A bodyboard is the modern form of boogie board. It is more inclusive of all users in nature and therefore is more in demand in today’s time. It got its name as ‘bodyboard’ because the manufacturers wanted to have a different name so as to sell their product widely in the market.

  1. Design

This is the major difference in both the boards. Boogie boards were made in the 1970s and hence have the old and very basic design as that was the first time aboard for riding waves are manufactured. They allow the user to ride basic waves and have fun while boogie boarding. It is best for amateurs and beginners.

However, bodyboards have an advanced design. It is made for people who not only want it for fun but also for advanced as well as tournament professionals. It is made up of better quality materials namely polypropylene, expanded polystyrene, and low-density polyethylene, which make it strong and durable and also help in giving the users better control over their rides. Its stronger tubes are made of fiberglass and slick tails so that the users also have a better grip on these boards which allows them a great bodyboarding experience overall.


When you look at it, you’ll come to understand that both these boards are one and the same. They do have certain distinction which makes them a bit different but overall they serve the same purpose. Just who they serve the purpose to and in what way makes it different from each other.

Bodyboards cover a huge variety of people around, thereby making it much more popular among the people who like bodyboarding altogether. They have a modern design, better features, and are versatile in the sense that they easily equip to the needs of everyone. On the other hand, boogie boards have a basic design that caters to the needs of certain individuals only and so is quite outdated in today’s time.

Bodyboard For Big Guys: Must-Read Guide

Bodyboard For Big Guys Must-Read Guide

Water sports are a great way to relieve stress and also let a person enjoy while doing so. There are a number of water sports that people partake for remaining fit; bodyboarding is one of them. It isn’t as difficult as it might seem, one just needs to have knowledge of swimming and water waves. One can easily develop their muscles, concentration as well as improve overall focus while bodyboarding. Its also a great way of developing skills that might come in handy in international sports too, if one is interested in it.

The first thing to remember when deciding ongoing bodyboarding is the purchase of a bodyboard. It’s not much of an issue for small people. However, big people need a bit more sturdy bodyboard, with a better grip so that they can enjoy and experience bodyboarding to the best of their abilities. It can be a bit confusing as to which one to choose since there are lots of options available in the market. With this buyer’s guide, you can make an easy choice and understand the things that you need to look into your bodyboard, before purchasing it.

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Buyer’s Guide:

  • Size

This is one of the most important factors for purchasing a bodyboard. It affects your performance a great deal. Big guys should opt for the one that has more width in the boards so as to provide extra floatation. Also, the bigger size doesn’t always mean better boarding. It should be according to your weight and height.

  • Core

The core of any product is what gives it strength. The core of these boards determines how strong it will stand against the waves while you’re riding the strong ones. The foam used in the core is one of the main factors that influence a person’s decision regarding core selection. Always select the core by weighing the pros and cons of the conditions in which you might use the bodyboard.

  • Tail shape

There are two types of tail shapes in bodyboards that are huge in demand nowadays. They are crescent and bat tails. These tails help in good maneuvering and giving direction while riding waves. Crescent tail helps you in keeping control over the board while bat tails have a wider surface area.

  • Decks

The surface where you lay your body in this adventure sport plays an important role in deciding your deck preference. People choose based on whether they want a softer one or the one that is more durable. Each of these has different materials.

  • Slick/Skins

This helps the person with the speed when he’s trying to catch waves while bodyboarding. There are two types, Surlyn and HDPE. One can choose based on what they can afford and the efficiency that they want with it.

  • Characteristics

Before you buy a bodyboard, decide how you want to use it. Are you an amateur? Or a professional? Or just want to have some fun riding waves? These things determine what type of bodyboard and with what features you’ll be purchasing. Always purchase one that meets your need instead of a fancy one.

  1. California Board Company Magnum 45 Bodyboard

Enjoy your next bodyboarding experience with this comfortable California board.

California Board Company Magnum 45 Bodyboard


This bodyboard has a waterproof EPS core that helps it stand strong against high waves. The high-density polyethylene slick bottom helps the person in gathering better speed while bodyboarding. The crescent tail only adds to the comfort of the person by allowing him to easily control the bodyboard. In addition to this, it also has a duel swivel pro-style coil wrist leash, meant to keep you attached to your board even in tough conditions. Deck has molded contour so as to provide extra comfort while laying on it.

California Owner Manual

Features and benefits:

  • HDPE slick bottom

It’s important for the user to have good speed while riding waves as that is the whole purpose of bodyboarding. This bottom has certain channels that allow faster speed to the user, making the whole bodyboarding experience worthwhile.

  • Crescent tail

This tail helps in gaining better control over the board, even in tough situations by allowing easy maneuvering and right direction to the user. Thereby, it improves the overall comfort level of the user.

  • EPS core

By helping in making the board overall lightweight, it impacts the strength durability, and buoyancy, thereby easily increasing the speed while bodyboarding.

  • Prostyle coil wrist leash

This bodyboard includes a duel swivel pro-style coil wrist leash, helping the body in keeping attached to the bodyboard no matter the situation. Also, it protects the corrosion of the bodyboard.

Key specifications:

Dimensions: 44”x23”x2.75”

Weight: 3 lbs


Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Locked-in fit.
  • Faster speed.
  • Better control.
  • Extreme comfort.
  • Not for heightened people.


This bodyboard has been built for providing the user with maximum comfort and control over their bodyboard while boarding it and riding against the waves. It has a sturdy bottom and crescent tails, which adds to the benefits provided by this board. The arm wells it has provides the best locked-in fit and therefore you don’t have to worry about sliding off it. This is a great choice to take during vacations for bodyboarding.

  1. Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard 

With a high-grade Surlyn bottom skin, give your best performance while bodyboarding on this board.

Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard 


This bodyboard is made up of amazing features that help in maximizing the overall wave time, thereby allowing the user to perform wonderfully. It has a tight cell deck and an inner core of wave core PE form which is reinforced with graphite stringer and has been stiffened with dual rails, which ensures that you get the best features. This bodyboard ensures maximum comfort and control for the user to help them give optimum performance.

Features and benefits:

  • Surlyn slick bottom

This high-grade Surlyn slick bottom on this bodyboard ensures that you can easily crash against waves and provides you and your board maximum protection too.

  • Double rails

Having a great grip while bodyboarding is important. With the help of double rails embedded in this bodyboard, you can rest assured about your grip on the bodyboard and enjoy your trip for a long time.

  • Can be used more than one way

It’s a great bodyboard that can be easily used as a prone or drop knee bodyboard, whatever suits you best. It has the stiffness for using it as a drop knee bodyboard and also the speed that you need for a prone bodyboard.

  • Crescent tail

This tail shape helps in giving the perfect direction and easy maneuvering to the bodyboarder.

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Moderately priced.
  • High quality.
  • Great grip.
  • Good speed.
  • No leash.


This bodyboard has all the best features that make it without debate the best bodyboard available. It provides great comfort, amazing speed, and also good quality bottom so that crashing against the waves becomes relatively easier. At this price, there’s no bodyboard that you’ll be able to find at such a great price. So, our suggestion is to definitely purchase this bodyboard as it’s durable and suitable for all purposes.

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To sum it up:

Bodyboarding is an amazing water sport that a number of people really enjoy. It is also a great way to keep your body fit and at the same time enjoy the overall activity. People often go for bodyboarding in their vacations or during weekends to release stress. So, the best bodyboard among the two options provided in this list is the Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail Bodyboard.


Not only does it come at a great price but also has all the features that make it the best option available. It can be easily used as a prone bodyboard or as a drop knee bodyboard. It is made up of high-quality Surlyn bottom and wave plank polyethylene core, this helps in strengthening the board and makes it durable. Double rails ensure a great grip and overall good performance while bodyboarding.

Boogie Board Bags  : The Insider’s Guide & Review

Buy Boogie Board Bags : The Insider’s Guide & Review

Boogie boarding is an amazing water sport that people enjoy with their family and friends. It is a great way of maintaining fitness and also refreshing oneself from the stress of the week. Weekends often end up having more joyful when body/boogie boarding is added to its list. However, bogie boards are quite big and can’t fit in any regular-sized bag. That is where the need for boogie board bags arose. It is quite popular and common now for people who have boogie boards to have one bag for it too.

Bogie board bags should be easy to carry and travel around with. The board should fit in snugly and also easy to take out whenever needed. It would be an added bonus if it has an anti-corrosion zipper also in it. Its construct should be of good quality so that it doesn’t cause any damage to the bag. This bag comes in handy while protecting the board from the sun and other elements that may damage it due to extended exposure.

If you are wondering about which boogie board to purchase for your next boogie boarding trip, here are few pointers from us to help you out:

Buyer’s guide

  • Construction

The first thing to look out for is the material with which the bag has been constructed. It should be durable in nature and also be able to carry the weight of the bodyboard easily, without straining the bag in any way. Water-resistant ones are most preferred for bodyboard bags.

  • Straps

These bags should have straps so that it can be easily carried by the user on his back or side strap to just tag it along. This will immensely help the users in carrying it along with them wherever needed with extreme ease.

  • Padded

The bags that are padded give comfort to the user if he’s carrying it as a bag pack and also an added protection to the boards in case there’s any fall or anything. The more padded a bag is, the better it is for the bodyboard.

  • Storage space

While going for a water adventure, its not only the boogie boards that we need. However, carrying too many bags too is burdensome. To have an extra storage space in boogie board bags is a great need of the hour and many people do prefer one with some extra space around.

  1. Curve Bodyboard Bag Bodyboard Cover for 1 or 2 Boards – Global Padded Travel Bag 

This bodyboard bag from a curve is made for those who regularly bodyboard, to provide quality protection to the board.

Curve Bodyboard Bag Bodyboard Cover for 1 or 2 Boards - Global Padded Travel Bag


This sleek bodyboard bag is constructed of quality materials to help the user carry these boards wherever it’s necessary. This has a good design that isn’t too loud and can easily store up to 2 bodyboards. This bag also has a storage pocket which includes a drainage mesh, to help in storing fins and other bodyboarding accessories in there with ease. Its detachable padded adjustable shoulder strap helps in easily carrying the as a backpack or a sling bag, as per the comfort of the user.

Features and benefits:

  • Material

This bodyboard bag has been made with super tuff 600D poly canvas which is water-resistant in nature. It also has an anti-corrosion zipper, so one doesn’t have to worry about rust making its way in easily. Apart from this, it is foam padded to provide comfort and protection to both, the bodyboard as well as the user who is carrying the bag.

  • Storage packet

In order to store additional body boarding stuff, this bag comes with extra storage pockets. This pocket also includes drainage mesh, which allows to easily store fins and various other accessories and has the water drain out of them.

  • Adjustable Padded strap

This bag has a padded adjustable shoulder strap which gives comfort while carrying it. Also, the person can easily adjust the bag as a backpack or a sling bag, whatever gives them comfort while carrying the bag.

Key specifications:

Dimensions: External bag: 45.5’ x 26’x3’

Weight: 4.41 pounds

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Anti-corrosion zipper.
  • Strong material.
  • Water-resistant.


 This bodyboard bag is the answer to the woes of its users who have to carry it with them often. Large enough to fit 2 bodyboards, it is perfect for even storing something extra in it and going bodyboarding. The material is water-resistant and helps in providing protection to the bodyboard. It’s easy to carry too due to its adjustable shoulder strap and so a regular bodyboarder should definitely purchase this product.

  Jadeshay Surfboard Bag  

This bodyboard bag is made of quality polyester material and is durable in nature.


A most suitable bag for a surfboard, body boards this bag is constructed of good quality polyester material which makes it wear-resistant and also durable in nature. It has a side carry handle, making it easier to carry around. With double zipper design, it’s easier to use too without causing damage to the bag. It is popular among the regular bodyboarders for its stylish design and good features.

Features and benefits:

  • Material

This bag is made up of good quality polyester material. It is also water as well as wear-resistant, which helps in increasing its long life and makes it durable. People often go for products that last long and this bag gives that surety.

  • Easy to carry

It has a side carry handle and therefore is easy to carry wherever the person goes. It easy to use too due to its double zipper design, without causing any strain to the zipper or the bag.

  • Storage pocket

This bag has an outer zipper pocket which can be used to store fins, leashes, sunscreen or any other thing that is required during bodyboarding. This lessens the hassle of carrying an extra bag for these products while doing for bodyboarding.

Key specifications:

Dimensions: 9.9 x 8 x 3 inches

Weight: 1.73 pounds

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Storage pocket.


This bodyboard bag from Jadeshay is a great product for bodyboarders who prefer a bit of style in their bag. It is also durable and made of superb polyester material. It can easily fit in two bodyboards, one large and the other of medium size, making it more preferable for use while going bodyboarding. In addition to this, its allowance to store extra accessories required makes it one in all bag and therefore a great purchase for bodyboarders.


  1. 662 Basic Bodyboard Bag 

This two-board capacity bag from 662 is an amazing choice for bodyboarders who want a convenient travel companion for their bodyboards.

662 Basic Bodyboard Bag 


This board has a very simple and sleek design, which makes it likable among the users. It has mesh drainage vents in both the board as well as accessory pockets. Also, its marine-grade corrosion-resistant nylon zipper ensures that the bag is there to stay for a long time. It can easily be carried as a backpack or as a sling bag, thanks to its adjustable straps for both. With a large accessory pocket to accommodate all important things, this bodyboard bag is all you need to get your bodyboarding started.

Features and benefits:

  • Mesh drainage vents:

The accessory and the main pocket of this bag includes meshing drainage vents, which allows the water to be easily drained and keeps the things dry and free from any discomfort for a long time.

  • Nylon zipper

The marine-grade corrosion-resistant nylon zipper of this bag ensures that the zipper doesn’t corrode easily and the bag stays well-functioning for a long period of time.

  • Padded adjustable straps

This bag has both side handle as well as back straps which are also padded to provide comfort to the user and also making it convenient for him to use it howsoever he wanted it to.

  • Large accessory pocket

One can easily fit in towels, fins, wetsuit, etc in this large accessory pocket that is constructed in this bag. You just need one bag for all your bodyboarding needs, thanks to this pocket.

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 44”
  • Weight:

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Accessory pockets
  • Not wide enough to fit more than one board.


This bodyboard bag from 662 is most suitable for those who are carrying just one bodyboard with them. Its sleek and comfortable design is another added feature to this bag. Also, one can easily store lots of other accessories due to its large pocket and also keep them dry for a long time, thanks to its drainage mesh. It is convenient to carry it around as one as wear it as a backpack or side bag, whatever they prefer. Therefore, this bag is the most basic yet perfect bodyboard bag for beginners.

  1. E Bodyboarding Kids Bodyboard Travel Bag 

This bodyboard travel bag provides solid protection to your bodyboard and makes it durable and easy to carry around.

E Bodyboarding Kids Bodyboard Travel Bag 


This bodyboard bag has an excellent design, specially made for conveniently carrying bodyboard and related accessories such as fins, wetsuits, wax, etc. It has backpack straps that are padded, giving comfort to the user who is carrying it. Also, with the carry handle available in this bag, one can also carry it in hands, whatever suits them the best. The board gets solid protection from dings, bumps, scratches, and UV rays. It is all in one bodyboard travel bag, suitable for outings by the beach.


Features and benefits:

  • Solid protection

This bag is constructed of good quality materials and keeps the bodyboard safe inside from any kind of harm from dings, bumps, scratches, or UV sunlight rays. It helps in keeping your board durable.

  • Backpack straps

This bag has a padded backpack strap which helps you in easily carrying it on your back. It makes it easy to travel since your hand is free to hold anything else that you might need.

  • Carry handle

Apart from the backpack strap, there’s another way you can carry this bag and that is by its carry handle. If you don’t want to carry it on your back, carry handles always come in handy.

  • Storage pockets

This bodyboard bag has extra storage space wherein you can put in all of your other accessories such as fins, wetsuits, wax, etc., whatever you require for your bodyboarding trip.

  • Drainage mesh

The bag has drainage mesh in both the board as well as storage pocket which allows water to drain out and avoids any kind of smell in the bag. This keeps the bag and the board fresh and clean.

Key specifications: 

Dimensions: 40” x 19.5”

Weight: 1.88 pounds

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • No smell.
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Solid protection.


This bodyboard travel bag is suitable for carrying one board and related equipment with you altogether. No hassle of carrying extra bags now as it not only has storage pockets for other accessories but also a drainage mesh that keeps the water out of the bag and keeps the insides non-smelly. This bag is perfect for a good beach day and you should definitely purchase it.

  1. Wham-O BZ Basic Boogie and Body Board Bag 

This amazing bodyboard bag comes with a fin compartment and is durable and most suitable while traveling for a beach holiday.

Wham-O BZ Basic Boogie and Body Board Bag


This nylon bodyboard or boogie board bag has a separate compartment for both the board and related accessories such as fins so as to keep everything in one bag. It can fit two bodyboards, which helps in saving a lot of space and is easy to carry while traveling. Also, the padded durable shoulder straps help in conveniently carrying the bag. It is your ultimate carrying bag that provides your board the needed protection and helps you store all things important for bodyboarding.

Features and benefits:

  • Sturdy Material

This bag is made of nylon and is wear-resistant in nature. It is super durable and can easily carry two bodyboards without causing any strain to the bag or the user. It’s strongly built.

  • Storage space

This bodyboard bag has a large storage space which is helpful when a person is traveling. One can easily store extra things such as towels, clothes, and other daily essentials in its zippered compartment.

  • Padded shoulder straps

These straps make it easy for the person to carry the bag without causing strain to their shoulders. It can either be carried as a side bag or as a backpack, whatever the user prefers.

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 46 x 26 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 29 pounds

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Good build.
  • Sufficient storage space.
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Weak zipper.


This bodyboard bag is made of good quality material which ensures that your bodyboard and other related equipment remain safe inside. It’s spacious enough to carry all other essential stuff too that you might require on your day out bodyboarding. It’s extremely convenient to carry, the only drawback being its zipper may not last as long if used continuously. However, those who go for bodyboarding once in a while can definitely invest in this amazing bag.

  To sum it up:   

Bags are essentially purchased to keep the bodyboards safe and secure and also easy to carry while traveling. So, the bag that you end up choosing should serve its purpose well. It should allow you the convenience of carrying your stuff and also should be made of good material to not have any strain easily on it. So, going by the reviews of different bodyboard bags here, our suggestion is to go with 662 basic bodyboard bag.

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This bodyboard bag is well suited for beginners especially though everyone’s bodyboarding can use it. It has a sturdy build and one can easily store other essentials too for a beach day in it easily. The mesh drainage vent keeps the insides dry and smells free, thereby keeping the bag always fresh and safe to use. The only drawback with this bag is that its difficult to fit two big boards in it. However, it’s perfect for single person use and is durable in nature too.

Boogie Boards for Adults

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

If you’re enthusiastic about the beachside water sports and like to ride the waves. Then you might be familiar with the boogie board. This is safer to ride and versatile water sport as compared with other sports. The board is smaller than the surfing board and comfortable to ride for a longer period. This boogie board is also known as a bodyboard and invented by Tom Morey in the year of 1957 at Southern California State.

A bodyboard is performed in three different forms of surfing like drop knee, prone and stands up bodyboarding. These forms will be varying with respect to the body position on the board. This board consists of different layers like core, rail, and bottom. These layers are combined with a heat-sealed lamination technology. The manufacturing of this board is made using foam of different types. The foams are used for construction is polypropylene and polyethylene foams.


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With the advanced boards manufacturing technology, various models are introduced by the companies into the market. It also helped in improving the features of the board in terms of weight, performance, flexibility, stiffness, and control. The extra equipment with the board is also an added advantage for the riders.

Users guide:

A user’s preference is important for choosing a bodyboard.  It can be done based on the rider’s height and weight, and bigger length boards are required for the adults.  Riders should know about the parameters like size, material, shape, and buoyancy. This basic knowledge will help the rider to select the perfect board. In the following line, we are going to discuss the parameters in detail.

1. Size: Riding over waves is a thrilling art and you need an ideal board to accomplish this task. The ideal size board is selected with respect to user weight and height. The board size will help in the comfort, performance, and maneuver of the rider. The perfect size for a rider will be measured vertically from the knee to the chin.

2. Material: The material is also affecting the stiffness, control, and maneuverability of the board. The foams are used to build the bodyboards. There are two kinds of foam that are popularly used for construction. Polyethylene foam (PE) or dow and Polypropylene foam (PP) are flexible, softer and stronger. PE is mainly used for warm water riding and PP is used for cold water riding. Bixby or Surlyn are utilized for the deck construction.

3. Buoyancy: Buoyancy of the board is important for the riders even in weaker waves. Picking a taller for best-floating capability is not a good indication. If you require a more buoyancy in any water conditions, a wider board is the best choice. The thicker core material will also help to float. Wider boards are a better option for bigger adults.

4. Shape: Performance and control will be depending on the shape of the board. For prone rider’s wider noise board will be suitable and narrow nose shape are ideal for stand up and drop knee riding. The slick bottom channeled shape boards are convenient for holding and control. The tail shape of the board will also influence the performance. The main tail shapes used in the boards are crescent and bat tail.

Here, we have listed out the best bodyboards available in the market for adult by considering the above basic parameters. The top trending boards with the best features and specifications are described in the below lines.

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1. BPS Storm Bodyboard – Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

The BPS storm bodyboard is a perfect example for the premium board for beginners and professional riders. The board consists of the premium coiled leash and tether swim fins. It has a rear channeled bottom that will help the rider to control the board in strong waves. The adaptable crescent tail is the perfect match for the stand-up and drops knee riding in any water conditions.

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)


  1. Dimensions: The board is available in three size varieties of 33”, 37” and 41” inches. These are convenient and suitable for adults and professional riders.
  2. Material: The core material used to build the board is EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and a high-speed slick bottom surface will produce greater speed. The bottom channels increase the performance and control of the board.

iii. Shape: This premium bodyboard with narrow shape will produce greater speed and higher performance in any wave conditions. It is also most suitable for stand up and drops knee riding. The Crescent tail shape will also an added advantage for the performance.

  1. The board comes at a reasonable price.
  2. Board quality is also appreciable.
  3. It is more durable and lightweight.
  4. Sizes are available for limited age groups.
  5. The installation procedure of the board is easy.
  1. It is not suitable for strong waves.
  2. We cannot expect faster rides with this board

Colours are not strong and fades away quickly.

Conclusion: This affordable bodyboard comes with 12 months of guarantee. The premium called Leash and swim fin tethers are added advantage for the board and won’t let you lose board in the water. The printed manual instructions will help the reader to assemble the bodyboard easily and immediate riding of the board is also possible.

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2. Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board, 42″

This brand is the most famous for bodyboards for high quality and performance. It is also the most trusted company in the bodyboarding world. The size of the board is specifically meant for adults and compact for the beginners. The board is resilience against scrapes and bumps in different water bodies. It is also durable and streamlined polyethylene will produce higher maneuverability.

Wham O Mach 7 Body Board 42


i. Dimensions: The board is available in only one size of 42 x 22 x 2.5 inches. Which will be comfortable for adults and beginners.

ii. Material: Polyethylene is used for the construction for the construction of the board. The dual composite carbon rod is used for the stiffness of board. The board is also exhibit features like higher strength, lightweight and durability.

iii. Shape: Tail of the crescent shape allows the rider to produce maximum performances and maximum buoyancy in any water conditions. The traditional rail design of 50/50 is also an added advantage for greater control and speed.


1. The strength of the board has maneuverability.

2. Board is durable and lightweight.

3. It has desirable performance in different water conditions.

4. Board price is inexpensive.


1. It doesn’t come with a pre-installed leash.

Colours are not strong and fades away quickly.


This board is most suitable for beginners and professionals. The material also produces a greater amount of flex and desirable performance in the strong waves. A slick channeled bottom of high-density polyethylene will provide better control. It is also available in different color variants.

3. BZ Bodyboards Advantage 36″ – Choose Color

The cutting-edge technology of the BZ bodyboards is most famous and also for high-end performance bodyboards. It also exhibits greater buoyancy and used any type of water conditions. The sophisticated features are helpful for professional and beginner riders. The C shape body and crescent tail are added advantage for the better maneuverability. The board is faster because of the channeled slick bottom.

BZ Bodyboards Advantage 36 - Choose Color (Green)




  1. Dimensions: This board offers a size of 36 inches. Which is convenient for normal height and weight riders.
  2. Material: The High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material core is used for the construction of the bodyboard. The channeled slick bottom will give better durability and flexibility.

     3. Shape: The latest C shape body and Crescent tail design board are mostly used for better maneuverability in any waves. The slick bottom is channeled and will be helpful in the smooth flow.

  1. It comes with an affordable price tag.
  2. The board is easy to control.
  3. It is ideal for adults and kids.
  4. The board is also comfortable for teens.



  1. The strength of the board needs to improve.

Colours are not strong and fades away quickly.

Conclusion: The board is available in different color variants and comes with an affordable price range. It also has coiled wrist leash helps to hold the board. It is most suitable for moderate height and weight riders. It is convenient for cold water riding and produces a greater performance.

4. 42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard

This board is the perfect choice for bigger adults. The Wavemaster has designed for better comfort and ultimate performance in any waves and water conditions. The longevity, elevation and speed of the board are desirable levels. The heat-sealed lamination technology made the board stronger and suitable for the riding forms of stand-up and drop knee.

42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard _ Sport


  1. Dimensions: The board is available only in one size of 42” x 21” x 2.5 inches. This is suitable for adults, beginners and professional riders.
  2. Material: The high-density core of closed cell foam and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) of top skin with unique heat-sealed lamination technology is used. This makes the board stiffer and durable. The IXL crosslink deck and polyethylene construction will avoid the water from infiltrating into the board.

iii. Shape: This comfortable design board is durable, lightweight, stiffer and water resistant. The material will also offer stiffness, higher speed and greater maneuverability. The crescent tail construction of the board is useful for drop knee and prone riding.

  1. The board is convenient for both drop knee and prone riding.
  2. It is a lightweight, high impact resistance and durability.
  3. It can be used in both warm and cold-water bodyboarding.


  1. The stiffness of the board is not desirable.
  2. Limited sizes are available.

Colours are not strong and fades away quickly.

Conclusion: This unique bodyboard offers different variants of colors like red, green, blue and yellow. The closed cell foam design will produce better performance, projection and fastener speed of the bodyboard. The strong bottom skin of the board will produce greater speed and better maneuverability. The cost of the board is also affordable. It is a better option for the beginners and professional riders.

5. THURSO SURF Lightning 42” Bodyboard Package PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Durable Lightweight Includes Double Stainless Steel Swivels Leash and LUX Bodyboard Bag.

This versatile bodyboard is one the better option for beginner to professional riders. It comes with double stainless-steel swivels leash and premium bodyboard bag. The PE core material is lightweight and size of the 42 inches. It will be convenient for adults. The cushioning of the board is comfortable because of the deck thickness 4.0mm.

THURSO SURF Lightning 42 Bodyboard Package PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Durable Lightweight Includes Double Stainless Steel Swivels Leash and LUX Bodyboard Bag


i. Dimensions: This board is available only in one size of 42 x 21.5 x 2.125 inches. This premium board is suitable for professional and adult riders.

ii. Material: The Rigid Polyethylene (PE) core material and the FRP stringers are the perfect combination for the board and help the board float in any wave conditions. The slick bottom of high-density polyethylene is stronger, stiffer and lightweight.

iii. Shape: The heat-sealed laminated technic is used for the combination of layer material, which will not delaminate easily. The crescent tail shape will exhibit properties like better stability and greater maneuverability.


1. Board is available in an affordable price range.

2. It can be maneuvered easily in any water conditions.

3. The material used for the construction is durable.

4. The package comes with all extra accessories used for the bodyboarding.


1. Only one size is available in the market.

Colours are not strong and fades away quickly.

Conclusion: This versatile bodyboard suitable for adults and professional riders. It provides better stability and control because of a strong deck. The slick bottom if the board will produce greater speed and slides over the water surface. The reasonable price range of the board made best seller in the market.

6. Goplus 41 inch Body Board EPS Core, IXPE Deck, HDPE Slick Bottom with Leash, Light Weight Perfect Surfin

The Goplus bodyboard will add an extra fun to the riders in a beach, river banks and water parks. It can withstand wipeouts and drop on the sandbank. The material used is lightweight, durable and buoyant. A smooth surface at the bottom of the board will produce higher speed and greater maneuverability.  The portability of the board is also easy and comes with affordable price.

Wham O Mach 7 Body Board 42


i. Dimensions: This product is available in dimensions of 41 x 17 x 3 inches. This will be used for the medium weight and height adult riders.

ii. Material: The core of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) material and HDPE high-density polyethylene are makes the board lightweight, durable, increased speed and flexibility. The IXPE deck is an added strength for impact resistant and offers a comfortable ride.

iii. Shape: The board has 60/40 rails and rear channels are helps to maintain control in any wave conditions. The adaptable crescent tail is used and it will more suitable for stand-up and drop knee riding.


1. Board is lightweight, durable and comfortable.

2. It is also coming with good quality of leash.

3. Maneuverability and performance of the board are desirable.

4. It is available in multiple colors.


1. Only one size is available.

Colours are not strong and fades away quickly.


Conclusion: The material used for the construction of the durable and lightweight. It is suitable for beginners and professional riders. This board is also available in a large variant of colors like blue/green, blue/white, pink, purple, rose, yellow and yellow/green. The affordable price range is also an added advantage for the board.

7. Random 37 inch and 41 inch High Performance Bodyboards Lightweight with EPS core(Rainbow and color dots two colors Available)

This lightweight and super performance bodyboards are specially designed for the adults and professional riders. The EPS core material made the board flexible and comfortable. It also exhibits better maneuverability in any environment. The board is also available in two different attractive colors like rainbow and color dots.

Random 37 inch and 41 inch High Performance Bodyboards Lightweight with EPS core(Rainbow and color dots two colors Available)



i. Dimensions:  Board is available in two different sizes of 37 and 41 inches. It is suitable for the kids and medium height and weight riders. The board can capable of carrying the weight of 25-55 kgs and 55-87 kgs respectively.

ii. Material: The EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core is comfortable and exhibits strength and flexibility for the board in any conditions of waves. The board is lightweight and performance of the board is also appreciable.

iii. Shape: This board will slice over the water surface because of the slippery bottom surface. It also generates faster speed and high performance. The Crescent tail will also add an advantage for faster riding and adaptable in all water conditions.


1. The board can be controlled easily.

2. The slick channeled bottom of the board will provide greater grip for the rider.

3. It is lightweight and portable.


1. Quality of the leash is not desirable.

2. Only two colors are available.


Colours are not strong and fades away quickly.

Conclusion:  This multi-colored board is the perfect choice for the adults and professional riders. The board is portable because of its lightweight. It has flexible and stronger structure, which will produce greater performance in any conditions. It is also coming in an affordable price range.


Final conclusion: These bodyboards, which are listed out are the best board available in the market. It is especially shortlisted for the medium height and weight riders. The advanced features, the material used and shape of the board are addressed in the article. The Price range of boards is in a reasonable range. The bodyboard specialist’s advice is also considered for the brief description of the board. The generic criteria of the user are also taken into consideration. Now, it’s your turn to select the best for requirements.