Best Cheapest Body Boards: Must -Read Guide

3 Best Cheapest Body Boards An Unconventional Guide

There are a lot of adventure sports out there for adventure enthusiasts. One such sport is called bodyboarding. It is a bit like surfing except that the whole body is lying parallel to the board as opposed to standing in surfing. It is a great way to remain fit and reduce stress. It’s not too difficult too if you know the basics of water waves and swimming. It helps in developing leg and arms muscles and also helps a person in developing strong concentration as well as coordination skills required to stay on the board.

When you want to go bodyboarding, the most important thing to do is to purchase a bodyboard. It’s important to choose a bodyboard that suits your body well and will be able to balance it efficiently. Since you’ll be on the water surface, it’s important to have one that is of good quality, has a hard bottom, and should reduce water bubbling in extreme heat. Making the right decision for purchasing the best one available can be confusing. However, we have made it simple for you. With the buyer’s guide given below, you can easily reach upon a decision about which bodyboard to purchase for your next bodyboarding adventure.

Buyer’s Guide:

  • Size

The size of the bodyboard depends heavily on the user’s height and weight. An inch extra or less in the bodyboard can easily affect your overall performance while bodyboarding. An ideal bodyboard should fit the space between your knees up to your chin. It will be suitable for the heavy riders to have one with more width for extra floatation.

  • Core

The core of a bodyguard affects how it acts against the waves. The right core will allow you to fully enjoy this water sport and also realize your potential with regards to this sport. However, the wrong one will put you off the sport before you can even start it. The factor that affects the selection of core is the foam used in it. The foam used is determined by the conditions in which one can use a bodyboard.

  • Tail shape

The tail of a bodyboard dictates the direction in which it’ll be moving. There are two tails namely i.e., crescent and bat tails. If you want to gain edge and control while bodyboarding, crescent tail should be your choice. Else, if you are looking for a wider surface area, bat tail is your go-to option.

  • Decks

The deck is the surface of the bodyguard where you put your body on. This depends upon what are you looking for i.e., whether it’s the softness or the durability. If you want a softer and flexible one, you can opt for one with polyethylene. However, for something for the last longer you can choose crosslink, which is relatively stiff.

  • Slick/Skins

This is the part of the bodyboard directly in touch with the water. This largely determines the speed with which you catch waves. They are of two types namely Surlyn and HDPE. While the former one is expensive but durable and provides efficient performance, the latter one is cheaper and the best option for beginners.

  • Characteristics

One should purchase a bodyboard according to the use you’ll put it to. Spending too much on a bodyboard with fancy features will only cost you money and won’t be beneficial in any way. Therefore, always align the characteristics of your bodyboard while you purchase it to your level of using it.


Listed below are a few of the bodyboards that you can purchase at cheaper rates:

1. Heat Sealed Slick Bottom Body Surfing Body Board with Deluxe Coil Leash and Hand Grips

With this heat-sealed slick bottom bodyboard, enjoy bodyboarding at a relatively cheaper price.

Heat Sealed Slick Bottom Body Surfing Body Board with Deluxe Coil Leash and Hand Grips



This bodyboard has a hard bottom, which makes for a sturdy board. It is strong and capable enough to carry your weight and balance it well. It is heat-sealed which reduces the bubbling in the hot sun, which is one of the most important things to consider while purchasing a bodyboard. In addition to this, it also has a deluxe heavy-duty coiled leash included which helps in keeping the person attached to the board, even during high waves. For this price, this bodyboard surely offers a number of great features.

Features and benefits:

  •  Heat-sealed slick bottom

This heat-sealed bottom doesn’t allow the bubbling of water easily and therefore it’s safe for you to ride this bodyboard. It keeps you secure from the heat and allows you to enjoy bodyboarding.

  • Coiled leash

When strong waves hit, it’s easy to lose balance for a while. This super-deluxe heavy-duty coiled leash keeps your body on the board all the time. They are comfortable and you can hold onto it, which riding high waves on your bodyboard to enhance your bodyboarding experience.

  • Lightweight

Constructed with lightweight materials, this bodyboard is easy to carry and also makes the maneuvering relatively easier. It gives a good speed to the users while not being extra heavy.

Key specifications:

  • Size: 33-44 inches
  • Slick: Heat sealed
  • Rider’s weight: 75 – 260 pounds

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Heat-sealed bottom.
  • Not durable.


This heat-sealed bottom technology keeps your bodyboard safe and secure. At this price range, this bodyboard also offers various other features such as lightweight, sturdiness, and quality coiled leash, all of which make it a great steal. One should definitely purchase this if they are on a budget and don’t want something for heavy bodyboarding. It is available in different sizes for people of different heights and weights, so purchase in accordance with that to be able to use it the right way.

  1. WOOWAVE Bodyboard 

With HDPE slick bottom, EPS core, and coiled wrist leash, take your bodyboarding experience to new heights.

 WOOWAVE Bodyboard 33-inch/36-inch/41-inch Super Lightweight Body Board with Premium Coiled Wrist Leash, EPS Core and Slick Bottom, Perfect Surfing for Teens


This bodyboard has been constructed with durable materials so as to last long enough for your next body boarding trips. Also, it’s lightweight but strong enough, so it gives a sturdy surface as well as buoyancy and great speed. Its coiled wrist leash helps you in keeping yourself attached to the board, the cuff being comfortable. A stylish bodyboard with a water-resistant core, which makes it extremely suitable for all types of waves. Overall, this bodyboard provides you with comfort as well as a great bodyboarding experience.

Features & benefits:

  • HDPE slick bottom

Being the best option for beginners, this slick helps in making the board overall strong and provides easy balance to the user. Also, it gives an easy and smooth ride to the user which makes for a wonderful bodyboarding experience.

  • EPS core

This makes the board lightweight and therefore offers impact strength durability, buoyancy and increases speed easily while bodyboarding. One can easily maneuver and go through waves with this core.

  • Coiled Wrist leash

There’s a strong coiled wrist leash attached to the bodyboard. This leash helps in keeping the bodyboard free from corrosion due to water. It doesn’t get tangled and the cuff is very comfortable. In addition to this, there is a set of fin tethers which makes sure that you keep you swim fins with you.

  • Lightweight

This bodyboard is constructed of lightweight material which makes the overall bodyboarding experience enjoyable as its easier to carry and works well against all wave conditions.

Key specifications:

Size: 41 inch

Slick: HDPE

Core: EPS

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Lightweight.
  • Bit pricey.


This bodyboard from WOOWAVE has been constructed keeping in mind all the necessities of a bodyboard required by beginners. Be it sturdiness, stylish design, or easy maneuvering, all of it makes it the best bodyboard for the ones who are just starting bodyboarding. It’ll help in providing you with a wonderful bodyboarding experience, so a beginner should definitely go for it.


  1. BPS Storm Bodyboard  

Providing the perfect balance between speed, maneuverability, and speed, this bodyboard is there for you to help you glide through waves in all conditions.

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers/Savers



This bodyboard from BPS STORM is a lightweight and efficient one that has all the best features of a bodyboard embedded in it. It’s lightweight and has a premium coiled bodyboard leash and a set of fin tethers so that you don’t lose sight of your swim fins. This will always help you stick to the board and with comfort. The HDPE slick bottom helps in upping the overall performance of the bodyboard. Other features such as EPS core and crescent tails, helps in improving speed and maneuverability of the bodyboard, making it the go the choice for the user.

Features and benefits:

  • EPS Core

The core of a bodyguard is extremely important. This bodyboard has an EPS core that is lightweight and gives proper buoyancy and durability to the bodyboard. It helps you crash against waves quite well so that you can fully enjoy this water sport.

  • HDPE Slick bottom

The bottom of a bodyboard should be strong yet provide easy maneuverability and a proper speed to it. With the HDPE slick bottom in this bodyboard, you can rest assured about the same. It makes the bodyboard strong and gives a smooth ride to the user.

  • Crescent tail

This tail will easily adapt to the shape of your body so as to increase the fluidity of the bodyboard. It helps in keeping the control of the boat while you crash against the waves.

  • Coiled leash

The leash helps you in always keeping yourself attached to the board. The waves might sometimes cause imbalance and this leash prevents you from removing your body from the board. It protects you and keeps you safe on the board.

  • Fin tethers

While riding waves, it’s easy to lose swim fins for some waves that might come on too strong. These fin tethers help in keeping these swim fins insight all for your own comfort.

Key specifications:

  • Size: 33-41 inch
  • Slick: HDPE
  • Core: EPS
  • Rider Weight: 28 kgs – 85 kgs

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Great performance.
  • Causes bubbling sometimes.


Get ready to experience the heights of bodyboarding experience with this BPS storm bodyboard pack. It is lightweight which ensures that it is easy to carry wherever you go. Its coiled leash keeps you attached to the board comfortably, which its fin tethers always help you to keep your swim fins insight. You can easily use this against different wave conditions; therefore it is indeed one of the best bodyboards available in this price range. Get this for your next bodyboarding event and enjoy a smooth ride against waves.

To sum it up:

Bodyboarding is a great form of water sport that people can try to release their stress and also remain fit. It is also a great way to enjoy your weekends on beaches with your family and friends. Hitting against waves is an exhilarating experience and bodyboarding provides that in abundance. When it comes to selecting the right bodyboard, there are certain features that one should consider. Going by our buyer’s guide, the suggestion we would make for a cheaper bodyboard from our side is one from WOOWAVE.


This bodyboard manufactured by WOOWAVE is made up of the perfect components to make bodyboarding an amazing experience. The board is strong yet provides a smooth ride to the riders against waves. In addition to this, its stylish design makes it visually appealing too. Apart from this, it allows easy maneuvering and gives a great speed thanks to its HDPE slick bottom and EPS core. The coiled wrist leash present with this helps in keeping you onboard all the time. So, overall, this bodyboard ticks all the important features one should have and therefore is our choice for the user in this price range.


Boogie Boards For Kids

Morey Bodyboards Mini Boogie 21 - Blue Black Orange

Bodyboarding is a huge adventure and amazing fun on the beach so why would kids be behind in this fun activity in the water. So for kids especially designed boards come which help them in learning as well as is well-build for them. Since kids cannot take care of it that well and that often that is why these are built with materials that go through rough phases as well. These boards are even smaller in size so their bodies could easily fit.

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Kids like to have their own fun so they need something that is durable and also at the same time that is comfortable as well. Finding out bodyboards is hard enough for adults and we guess it becomes a huge task for buying it for kids. So here we step in to help you out in this stressful decision, it’s hard not impossible. Here is a buyer’s guide to help you out.


Since there are boards that are specially designed for kids so we need to just look out for them. The need of the kids is different from the adults so we need to keep that in mind while looking out for the boards for them. They want to have fun with learning. So keeping in mind here are some points to keep in mind:

PURPOSE: the first thing to decide is the purpose of the board. If you are buying it for the kids do you want to buy it just for one or two time fun on the beach or you want to make the kid properly learn. Also whether the kid knows the stuff from a little before or is a complete beginner also matters.

LENGTH OR SIZE: the second thing is that buy the one according to the height and the weight of the kid. If you buy a bigger size board which a little heavier on the side as well than it would become really difficult for the kid to handle the board and he/she would not be able to enjoy or learn.

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MATERIALS: look out for the materials that the board is made from. You need to look at the core, rails, slick, and tail. All of these are important components of the board. Check them out, they should be the best and also be comfortable and soft at the same time. With kids, you need to double-check everything and then order, so nothing harms them so much.

DESIGN: we all know that kids love fancy designs and for many more features but don’t just go for them. They might not be useful and not even work well. So don’t waste money on something that just looks fancy on the outside.

Here are some of the best products for kids:

Morey Mini Boogie 21 Bodyboard

It is a great board for kids. Perfect size for bodysurfing or bodyboarding for kids. Durable and comfortable and just made for kids.

Morey Bodyboards Mini Boogie 21 - Blue Black Orange


Board Core: the most important part of a board which helps in deciding how durable the board is going to be. This board’s core is made up of polystyrene that makes it highly durable and a perfect match for the kids as they use it roughly.

Board Slick: it is the area underneath the board that comes in direct contact with the water waves.  This helps in the smoothness of the ride and also in maneuvering.  This board offers HPE slick the best one.

Board Tail: the end of the board that is designed to help in the manoeuvring of the board while on the wave. It is another important aspect of the board as it helps in bodyboarding.  This board has the best tail that is the crescent one which makes it perfect for kids.


21” inches

Polystyrene as core

HDPE as slick

Crescent as the tail

Soft and lightweight


Perfect for kids and can even work for adults small in height

Easy to manoeuvre and carry as it is lightweight


No leash is provided



this is the best option for kids as it is comfortable and soft with being durable and lightweight. You can just have fun with it in the water or even kick it around your swimming pool.  Perfect match for your kids.

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core (BLUE, 41-INCH)

Core of the board: this board’s core is EPS with heat lamination technology. It also offers strong durability and is lightweight but at the same time it is rigid as well.

Construction: the slick of the board is HDPE- the best in quality with channels. It has a Crescent as a tail. Compact feeling and is also water-resistant for all types of wave conditions. Rails of the board are 60/40 which allows great maneuverability.

Extra Added Advantage:  there comes a leash with a wristband to keep the board attached to you. Also, it is of stylish design and comes in bright colors and is of 41” inches.


EPS Core

Heat lamination technology

Lightweight, durable and rigid

HDPE super slick bottom

Crescent tail

60/40 rails

Leash with wristband


The durability of the board is very great according to the rough usage of kids

The quality of the board is really good


Sometimes the paints rub off



the board is great for kids as even after rough use it works fine and the quality is no match to other boards.

Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash for kids and Adults

Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash for Kids and Adults2

If you are looking for some fun at the beach than this is a great choice for that. Riding a wave is amazing and wonderful but it is more fun if you have the right board by your side for that. Irrespective of the age that you are this board is for everyone and what more it is prepared for hours of fun.  It is a perfect match for kids as well.


Designed to be dynamic: the board offers 60/40 rails, rear channels, and a high-density polyethylene slick bottom, this is all designed for all the types of wave conditions and this also gives the board an excellent control which further gives more maneuverability and increases the speed as well.

Construction is durable: the board is made up of high-density polyethylene bottom and an engineered EPS core which makes this board lightweight, durable and buoyant. It is prepared for as many wipeouts and drops.

Leash: This board comes with a leash that helps to keep the board attached and near you at all times. It also makes the board secure through any wipeout.


Rear channels

60/40 rails

High-density polyethylene slick bottom

Engineered EPS core

Lightweight, durable and buoyant

Comes with a leash


Good quality board and suitable for any age

The bottom of the board provides great friction which helps in riding waves even the smaller ones.

Super light and easy to carry so great for kids as well


Not made up for frequent use probably and faulty boards from the manufactures only


this board is great for any age and can take up weight of anyone. It is very lightweight but is highly durable. Offers great riding of the waves. And for some customer it even saved from life-threatening circumstances in the water.

Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack’- Wave Weapon Super Lightweight Body-Board

Own the Wave Bodyboard 33 - 2018 - Improved Core - Blue Magenta

It is great for kids. The board is great in performance and is great in looking as well.


Design: it has a sleek design that makes you look good on the water to be whatever age you are.  It is amazingly light and also has a high-speed slick bottom surface which provides you with faster speed.

Durable and buoyant: Since it has been made from EPS core it offers great durability and buoyancy and helps in performance.

Versatile riding: because of its crescent tails and bottom rear channels helps in performance and offers versatile riding of the board. It also provides better control and you can even do tricks like stand-up and drop knee.

Freebies: the extra added things that comes with this board is a coiled leash and fin tethers. The leash will help you keep the board being attached to you at all times and is upper comfortable. The fin tethers will help you look after your precious swim fins.


EPS core provides durability and buoyancy


High speed slick bottom provides speed to the board

Crescent tail provides you versatile riding

Bottom rear channels offers better control of the board

Leash keeps the board attached to you

Fin tethers provides for your swim fins


It is very sturdy, lightweight and durable

The sheet of instruction it comes with is great help for assembly of everything

Warranty period is great and the seller is very good in service


The board may get bend early or after one or two use.

Not made for frequent uses.


it is a perfect match for kids and the whole instruction manual helps setting up the things easily. Also, the tips and cautions given help keep the board safe from getting destroyed.

California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard

Morey Bodyboards Mini Boogie 21 - Blue Black Orange

The board is another exquisite product for kids and is very great for their usage.  It is great for learning as well.


Core: the board has waterproof EPSas a core of the board which is a very important aspect as it helps the performance of the board. It has expanded polystyrene as a core.

Slick: This board has high-density polyethylene slick bottom with a channel that helps in increasing the speed.

Tail: the tails are designed as a crescent for super maneuverability and it also helps in control. Also, there are thumb bulbs for further superior controls.

Extras: there is a molded contour deck which are there for comfort. There are also arm wells which helps in locked-in fit. Includes dual swivel pro-style coil wrist leash which is unique to this board.


Polystyrene as core which is waterproof

High density polyethylene slick bottom with channels

Crescent tail

Thumb bulbs

Molded contour deck

Arm wells

Duel swivel pro-style coil leash


This is well-suited for kids and well made

Great in performance, style and quality

The leash is unique and a great plus point


The buoyancy of the board is compromising


This is a well suited board for kids. It offers great performance with style and comes in great many colours for the choice for kids. The durability of the board is also commendable.

Conclusion: hope this blog helps you with your endeavor to find the well-suited board for your kid to enjoy. This blog gives you the details of the best products for kids to enjoy bodyboarding at its best.