Best Cheapest Body Boards: Must -Read Guide

3 Best Cheapest Body Boards An Unconventional Guide

There are a lot of adventure sports out there for adventure enthusiasts. One such sport is called bodyboarding. It is a bit like surfing except that the whole body is lying parallel to the board as opposed to standing in surfing. It is a great way to remain fit and reduce stress. It’s not too difficult too if you know the basics of water waves and swimming. It helps in developing leg and arms muscles and also helps a person in developing strong concentration as well as coordination skills required to stay on the board.

When you want to go bodyboarding, the most important thing to do is to purchase a bodyboard. It’s important to choose a bodyboard that suits your body well and will be able to balance it efficiently. Since you’ll be on the water surface, it’s important to have one that is of good quality, has a hard bottom, and should reduce water bubbling in extreme heat. Making the right decision for purchasing the best one available can be confusing. However, we have made it simple for you. With the buyer’s guide given below, you can easily reach upon a decision about which bodyboard to purchase for your next bodyboarding adventure.

Buyer’s Guide:

  • Size

The size of the bodyboard depends heavily on the user’s height and weight. An inch extra or less in the bodyboard can easily affect your overall performance while bodyboarding. An ideal bodyboard should fit the space between your knees up to your chin. It will be suitable for the heavy riders to have one with more width for extra floatation.

  • Core

The core of a bodyguard affects how it acts against the waves. The right core will allow you to fully enjoy this water sport and also realize your potential with regards to this sport. However, the wrong one will put you off the sport before you can even start it. The factor that affects the selection of core is the foam used in it. The foam used is determined by the conditions in which one can use a bodyboard.

  • Tail shape

The tail of a bodyboard dictates the direction in which it’ll be moving. There are two tails namely i.e., crescent and bat tails. If you want to gain edge and control while bodyboarding, crescent tail should be your choice. Else, if you are looking for a wider surface area, bat tail is your go-to option.

  • Decks

The deck is the surface of the bodyguard where you put your body on. This depends upon what are you looking for i.e., whether it’s the softness or the durability. If you want a softer and flexible one, you can opt for one with polyethylene. However, for something for the last longer you can choose crosslink, which is relatively stiff.

  • Slick/Skins

This is the part of the bodyboard directly in touch with the water. This largely determines the speed with which you catch waves. They are of two types namely Surlyn and HDPE. While the former one is expensive but durable and provides efficient performance, the latter one is cheaper and the best option for beginners.

  • Characteristics

One should purchase a bodyboard according to the use you’ll put it to. Spending too much on a bodyboard with fancy features will only cost you money and won’t be beneficial in any way. Therefore, always align the characteristics of your bodyboard while you purchase it to your level of using it.


Listed below are a few of the bodyboards that you can purchase at cheaper rates:

1. Heat Sealed Slick Bottom Body Surfing Body Board with Deluxe Coil Leash and Hand Grips

With this heat-sealed slick bottom bodyboard, enjoy bodyboarding at a relatively cheaper price.

Heat Sealed Slick Bottom Body Surfing Body Board with Deluxe Coil Leash and Hand Grips



This bodyboard has a hard bottom, which makes for a sturdy board. It is strong and capable enough to carry your weight and balance it well. It is heat-sealed which reduces the bubbling in the hot sun, which is one of the most important things to consider while purchasing a bodyboard. In addition to this, it also has a deluxe heavy-duty coiled leash included which helps in keeping the person attached to the board, even during high waves. For this price, this bodyboard surely offers a number of great features.

Features and benefits:

  •  Heat-sealed slick bottom

This heat-sealed bottom doesn’t allow the bubbling of water easily and therefore it’s safe for you to ride this bodyboard. It keeps you secure from the heat and allows you to enjoy bodyboarding.

  • Coiled leash

When strong waves hit, it’s easy to lose balance for a while. This super-deluxe heavy-duty coiled leash keeps your body on the board all the time. They are comfortable and you can hold onto it, which riding high waves on your bodyboard to enhance your bodyboarding experience.

  • Lightweight

Constructed with lightweight materials, this bodyboard is easy to carry and also makes the maneuvering relatively easier. It gives a good speed to the users while not being extra heavy.

Key specifications:

  • Size: 33-44 inches
  • Slick: Heat sealed
  • Rider’s weight: 75 – 260 pounds

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Heat-sealed bottom.
  • Not durable.


This heat-sealed bottom technology keeps your bodyboard safe and secure. At this price range, this bodyboard also offers various other features such as lightweight, sturdiness, and quality coiled leash, all of which make it a great steal. One should definitely purchase this if they are on a budget and don’t want something for heavy bodyboarding. It is available in different sizes for people of different heights and weights, so purchase in accordance with that to be able to use it the right way.

  1. WOOWAVE Bodyboard 

With HDPE slick bottom, EPS core, and coiled wrist leash, take your bodyboarding experience to new heights.

 WOOWAVE Bodyboard 33-inch/36-inch/41-inch Super Lightweight Body Board with Premium Coiled Wrist Leash, EPS Core and Slick Bottom, Perfect Surfing for Teens


This bodyboard has been constructed with durable materials so as to last long enough for your next body boarding trips. Also, it’s lightweight but strong enough, so it gives a sturdy surface as well as buoyancy and great speed. Its coiled wrist leash helps you in keeping yourself attached to the board, the cuff being comfortable. A stylish bodyboard with a water-resistant core, which makes it extremely suitable for all types of waves. Overall, this bodyboard provides you with comfort as well as a great bodyboarding experience.

Features & benefits:

  • HDPE slick bottom

Being the best option for beginners, this slick helps in making the board overall strong and provides easy balance to the user. Also, it gives an easy and smooth ride to the user which makes for a wonderful bodyboarding experience.

  • EPS core

This makes the board lightweight and therefore offers impact strength durability, buoyancy and increases speed easily while bodyboarding. One can easily maneuver and go through waves with this core.

  • Coiled Wrist leash

There’s a strong coiled wrist leash attached to the bodyboard. This leash helps in keeping the bodyboard free from corrosion due to water. It doesn’t get tangled and the cuff is very comfortable. In addition to this, there is a set of fin tethers which makes sure that you keep you swim fins with you.

  • Lightweight

This bodyboard is constructed of lightweight material which makes the overall bodyboarding experience enjoyable as its easier to carry and works well against all wave conditions.

Key specifications:

Size: 41 inch

Slick: HDPE

Core: EPS

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Lightweight.
  • Bit pricey.


This bodyboard from WOOWAVE has been constructed keeping in mind all the necessities of a bodyboard required by beginners. Be it sturdiness, stylish design, or easy maneuvering, all of it makes it the best bodyboard for the ones who are just starting bodyboarding. It’ll help in providing you with a wonderful bodyboarding experience, so a beginner should definitely go for it.


  1. BPS Storm Bodyboard  

Providing the perfect balance between speed, maneuverability, and speed, this bodyboard is there for you to help you glide through waves in all conditions.

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers/Savers



This bodyboard from BPS STORM is a lightweight and efficient one that has all the best features of a bodyboard embedded in it. It’s lightweight and has a premium coiled bodyboard leash and a set of fin tethers so that you don’t lose sight of your swim fins. This will always help you stick to the board and with comfort. The HDPE slick bottom helps in upping the overall performance of the bodyboard. Other features such as EPS core and crescent tails, helps in improving speed and maneuverability of the bodyboard, making it the go the choice for the user.

Features and benefits:

  • EPS Core

The core of a bodyguard is extremely important. This bodyboard has an EPS core that is lightweight and gives proper buoyancy and durability to the bodyboard. It helps you crash against waves quite well so that you can fully enjoy this water sport.

  • HDPE Slick bottom

The bottom of a bodyboard should be strong yet provide easy maneuverability and a proper speed to it. With the HDPE slick bottom in this bodyboard, you can rest assured about the same. It makes the bodyboard strong and gives a smooth ride to the user.

  • Crescent tail

This tail will easily adapt to the shape of your body so as to increase the fluidity of the bodyboard. It helps in keeping the control of the boat while you crash against the waves.

  • Coiled leash

The leash helps you in always keeping yourself attached to the board. The waves might sometimes cause imbalance and this leash prevents you from removing your body from the board. It protects you and keeps you safe on the board.

  • Fin tethers

While riding waves, it’s easy to lose swim fins for some waves that might come on too strong. These fin tethers help in keeping these swim fins insight all for your own comfort.

Key specifications:

  • Size: 33-41 inch
  • Slick: HDPE
  • Core: EPS
  • Rider Weight: 28 kgs – 85 kgs

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Great performance.
  • Causes bubbling sometimes.


Get ready to experience the heights of bodyboarding experience with this BPS storm bodyboard pack. It is lightweight which ensures that it is easy to carry wherever you go. Its coiled leash keeps you attached to the board comfortably, which its fin tethers always help you to keep your swim fins insight. You can easily use this against different wave conditions; therefore it is indeed one of the best bodyboards available in this price range. Get this for your next bodyboarding event and enjoy a smooth ride against waves.

To sum it up:

Bodyboarding is a great form of water sport that people can try to release their stress and also remain fit. It is also a great way to enjoy your weekends on beaches with your family and friends. Hitting against waves is an exhilarating experience and bodyboarding provides that in abundance. When it comes to selecting the right bodyboard, there are certain features that one should consider. Going by our buyer’s guide, the suggestion we would make for a cheaper bodyboard from our side is one from WOOWAVE.


This bodyboard manufactured by WOOWAVE is made up of the perfect components to make bodyboarding an amazing experience. The board is strong yet provides a smooth ride to the riders against waves. In addition to this, its stylish design makes it visually appealing too. Apart from this, it allows easy maneuvering and gives a great speed thanks to its HDPE slick bottom and EPS core. The coiled wrist leash present with this helps in keeping you onboard all the time. So, overall, this bodyboard ticks all the important features one should have and therefore is our choice for the user in this price range.


Best Bodyboards For Adults

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

What brings the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster ride, a race car ride or extreme water sports? You may have guessed it right, “Bodyboarding”. And as is the case for all sports, bodyboarding also needs a certain number of tools. For bodyboarding, it’s a chariot which uses waves as wings, helping you climb on each crest and through letting the waves take you with them through a short but adventurous ride, called as a bodyboard.

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Bodyboards are for people who want to do surfing comfortably, you could also call the bodyboard as a shorter version of a surfboard as it is usually much shorter (38 to 43 inches) than the surfboard. There are basically three forms of riding a bodyboard, riding prone on your stomach, drop knee ride and standing up bodyboard.

Bodyboards uses different kinds of foams for manufacturing; the two most widely and commonly used are polypropylene foams and polyethylene foams. Polypropylene is stronger and lighter than polyethylene but is more expensive as it is the advanced version of the Polyethylene. The other three things that should be considered while buying a bodyboard are stringer, tail, and rocker.

A bodyboard stringer is a tube or rod that is inserted in the bodyboard’s core to give extra strength. The stringers help to spring back in any extreme wave rides. Bodyboards will not have fins, so the tail part is important for stabilizing in the most critical moments and maneuvers – 360s, carving turns, airs, etc.

Selection of bodyboard:

It can be confusing sometimes while trying to choose the right board. A bodyboard is one of the most exciting waves riding vehicles imaginable. It can become a very useful item to have on your days to the beach. That is why it is very important to choose wisely as a board that isn’t right for you may leave you unsatisfied and frustrated. Everyone has their own style of bodyboarding and their own way of balancing his or her body when riding the waves. And there are a lot of differences between the designs of different manufacturers which in turn means that each board performs in its own unique way.

We are going to list out a couple of things that can help you to decide which bodyboard to buy and what traits you should look for, to identify the right board for your purpose.

  1. Size – When choosing a new bodyboard size is the most important element to consider. Your performance depends on both height and weight. Catching waves is an art that needs the perfect tool to go with it, and the size of the board needs to be just right for you to maneuver yourself. When going to choose the board to measure the board with your body vertically, the top of the board should come to your hip or bellybutton.
  2. Buoyancy – When you have more bodyweight or when you are surfing on weaker waves, the board you choose should be designed to have buoyancy for such conditions. Most of the people make the mistake of picking a longer board to get better buoyancy. But instead, you should choose a wider template, a wider tail, and a thicker core, for adding buoyancy. Bigger riders are better off with wider boards which will give you more flotation.
  3. Board types: If you are a heavier rider medium width boards will need a much more effort to be pushed in the wave even though medium width boards are generally good allrounders. Narrow boards do not perform well in the smaller and weaker surf but are known to be the fastest. They also prove to be harder when trying to pull off moves at slower speeds. You can hold the board on its edge and look down its rail, make sure the board is nice and flat for narrow boards.

Given below is a list of 7 best bodyboards that you can use to find out the best bodyboard for you in the market.

  1. Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash for Kids and Adults

If you are looking for a bodyboard that is well-made and comes with amazing specifications and made of a durable and lightweight material, then this is the brand for you. The Lucky Bums Body Board is manufactured for having fun at the beach, river or waterpark doing tricks on waves and getting your fix of adrenaline.

Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash for Kids and Adults

Key facts:

  1. This board is lightweight which makes it easy to take it to and from the beach.
  2. This board is very versatile and can be used by virtually all kinds of riders as it comes in 3 different sizes and various colors.
  3. The board is made rigid and durable by the EPS core attached to it. The EPS core also adds buoyancy and helps the rider to have better control of the board.
  4. This board also contains extra protection as it contains a built-in leash mount and a leash.
  5. It is made of high-density polyethylene bottom which enables the rider to have increased speed, strength and more maneuverability.

Few special features:

  1. The design of the board is stylish.
  2. It has a stout and tough structure.
  3. The leash will be providing better protection.
  1. The core material made the board more durable.
  2. It is most suitable for kids and adults.
  3. The structure is lightweight and sturdy.
  4. It has greater maneuverability and stable performance.
  1. There is a minor issue with leash attachment.
  2. The price of the board is a bit higher.


The best guarantee that this board will last you for a long time and it has an amazing lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect. This is indeed a great deal, and what makes it even better is all the amazing attributes of the board. The customer service from the board manufacturer is also something that adds merit to the customers. In the end, this board seems to be the best value for money features and amazing attributes which make it stand out from the rest.



  1. 662 Sixsixtwo Splash Bodyboard, 36-Inch (Colors Vary)

People who are beginners in the sport of bodyboarding should look up this board as it is the best board for newbies. This board will help to maintain well balanced on the board while riding swells and thus resulting in a smaller number of wipe-outs. It is very noticeably easy-to-use for beginners who are trying to start out and many of its features are built so that it gives confidence to the newbies to challenge themselves further.

662 Sixsixtwo Splash Bodyboard, 36-Inch (Colors Vary)

Key facts:

  1. The board will be stable and ride will be easy to maneuver in any water conditions.
  2. The flexible deck moves as rider desires in strong waves, it is also giving you a firm grip while riding on the waves.
  3. A tough EPS core ensures that the board has a strong flex rating and gives you more balance in the water.
  4. Its crescent-shaped tail gives beginners the confidence to ride bigger waves as it holds and supports the rider’s body.
  5. The top is made denser by the crosslink deck material which makes sure the top doesn’t dip much when the waves break.
  6. The board is connected to the rider using a wrist leash which keeps the board closed and doesn’t let it float away.

Few special features:

  1. The epic EPS Core material is strong.
  2. The wave deck cross-link structure on the top deck of the board.

iii. The slick bottom channels will exhibit smooth flow.

  1. It has a fine grip while riding.
  2. The board is more stable and easier to control.
  3. The crosslinked structure has greater stiffness.
  4. It comes with a good quality wrist leash.
  1. Performance of the board needs to improve.
  2. Only limited sizes are available.


For those looking to show off the personality on a fun-filled day at the beach, it comes in a variety of colors, and it is the perfect board to start out for a newbie. It is available at a great price which makes it an even more amazing product.


3, Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board

Wham-O Mach 7 is another board that can be taken by the newbies. Wham-O is a well-known and highly used manufacturer in the bodyboarding industry. The channeled slick bottom will slide over the waves and provides better navigation. Wham-O Mach 7 is one of their trademark boards that have been expertly designed for beginners.

Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board, 42_ _ Bodyboards _ Sports & Outdoors

Key facts:

  1. Its fast flex and recoil help to handle any wave without limiting the speed of the board.
  2. The polyethylene core makes the board incredibly sturdy and lightweight.
  3. The performance of the board is increased due to its crescent-shaped tail.
  4. The board has been shaped in manner, where the beginners get the confidence to move on more stable in the advanced waves.
  5. The board maintains high buoyancy allowing you to ride through waves at a fast pace and with less wipeout.
  6. The high-quality HPDE material makes the board very efficient, durable and lightweight.

Few special features:

  1. The power rod stringer on the board will be providing more stiffness.
  2. It has a Channeled bottom and crescent tail.
  3. The polyethylene core is used.
  1. The board is lightweight.
  2. It comes with an affordable price tag.
  3. It has greater durability and maneuverability.
  4. Board performance is also desirable.
  1. The Leash given with the board is not pre-installed.


The two bright amazing colors are available and it is easily visible. It is one of the classic boards in the market and the name Wham-O itself should instill confidence in you enough to buy the product. The amazing build quality of the board makes it one of the best products in the market. The less weight of the board makes it easy to transport. The versatility of the board is remarkable and can be used to ride almost any kind of wave.

  1. 42-inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard

42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard_Boogie

This bodyboard is one of the WaveMaster series bodyboards. These boards are designed for people who have been bodyboarding regularly. This board has been specially designed for producing the ultimate performance. The quality of the board makes sure that the rider moves at great speed and also ensures the longevity of the board.

Key facts:

  1. It is mainly used by drop riders due to its crescent-shaped tail and also used for prone riding for maximum stability.
  2. The high-density core makes it more balanced and flexible. The high strength of the board makes it more suitable buy for regular use.
  3. Water is prevented from infiltrating into the core by the polyethylene top skin with unique heat seal bonding to the core. This advanced technic made the board super strong.
  4. The board shape will help to turbulence reduce turbulence and it can hold through grooved slots at the bottom of the board.

Few key features:

  1. The weight of the board is 2.6 lbs.
  2. It is impact resistant and durable.
  3. 3. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) will give greater comfort.
  1. The board is convenient for drop knee and prone riding.
  2. The material used for the board is lightweight.
  3. It is durable.
  4. Board is suitable for warm and cold-water conditions.
  1. Board stiffness needs to improve.
  2. It is available only in one size.


This board is suitable for both warm and cold water and can be used in the water of any moderate temperature. This board is recommended for riders who are 66 to 72 inches and weigh around 145 to 180 lbs. There is also no danger of the board floating away as there is a built-in padded and adjustable retention wrist leash that keeps the board close to the body.


  1. Body Board – #1 Professional Series Hard Slick Bottom Bodyboard & Leash – Best New 2018 Wave Pro

Body Boards - Professional Series Slick Bottom Body Board - Heat Se

Heat Sealed BLZ Legendary Lucky Body Boards – 3 Styles 6 Colors 4 Sizes

The Pro series bodyboard is the perfect choice for beginners and professional riders. This board is available in all sizes to fit the different age groups. The board is extremely lightweight, easy to control and better performance is also possible. Strong waves can be controlled aerodynamically because of bat tip. The board is manufactured from the best material, it will prevent bubbling.

Key facts

  1. The board is available in different sizes of 33, 37, 41 and 44 inches. Which will be comfortable for adults and kids of any age group.
  2. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core is used, which gives high performance and a good floating ability for the board.
  3. The XPE deck will provide a smooth surface and helps in comfortable riding.
  4. The heat-sealed treatment is performed for the layer of the board to prevent the infiltrating of water into the core. This technic will also prevent bubble formation on the board.
  5. Board is durable and lightweight; the slick bottom is hard and water resistance. The crescent tail and bat tip tail shape are also an added advantage for comfort, speed, and performance.

Few special features :

  1. Boards are available in both bat tip tail and crescent tail.
  2. There is a total of 6 color variants are available.
  3. It has built-in wrist leash keep the board close to the rider.
  1. Board is lightweight, comfortable and durable.
  2. It has an adjustable leash.
  3. A lot of color variants are available.
  4. It comes in an affordable price range.
  1. There is a chance of bubbling.


These boards are crafted by expert bodyboarders in a reasonable price range. It is the best fit for all types of waves and water conditions. The manufactures used the bat tip tail and crescent tail for a different board, which is an advantage for the rider to choose based on their requirement. The board is also extremely light and exhibits strong performance and total control in any waves.


  1. Younger 37 inch Super Bodyboard with IXPE Deck, Perfect Surfing

Younger 37 inch Super Bodyboard with IXPE deck, Perfect surfing _ S

This bodyboard is well designed for performance-driven riders and a premium choice for the kids. The high-quality material helps in performance and control of the board in any water conditions. The compact look of the board will attract kids, and it’s also lightweight, easy maneuver and faster. The board comes in a reasonable price tag and suitable for kids and adults.

Key facts:

  1. These 37 inches bodyboard comes in two different colors for the user’s choice and adds extra fun to the rider.
  2. The board is built with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core and it has an ability to resist impact.
  3. The featured IXPE deck construction makes the board smooth, ridge and suitable for all types of rides.
  4. For combing the layer of board material a heat lamination seal technic is used, which will be durable and super strong for different water conditions.
  5. The high-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) slick bottom with channels will be useful for better maneuverability, stable and holds fine grip.
  6. The crescent tail and 60/40 rails allow for comfortable ride and easy maneuverability.

Few special features:

  1. Board can resistant both cold and heat conditions.
  2. 60/40 rail is used for better construction.
  3. It also has a comfortable grip pad.
  1. Board is impact resistant.
  2. It is durable and lightweight.
  3. The Streamlined design will slide on water.
  4. Cost of the board is affordable.
  1. It is only suitable for kids
  2. weight capable of the board is less.


This stylish outlook super bodyboard is an ideal board for kids. It has a comfortable surface and channeled bottom will produce greater performance and maneuverability. The stable crescent tail will make rider work easier. Price of the board is also reasonable and it is value for money bodyboard.

  1. BPS Storm Bodyboard – Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

The BPS storm bodyboard one of the best-selling board in the market. The pack of the board consists of premium coiled leash and tethers swim fins. It is a lightweight, water-resistant and durable structure because of the material. The adaptable crescent tail shape is perfect for riding positions like stand up and drop knee. The bottom of the board channeled for better maneuverability.

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

Key facts:

  1. This bodyboard comes in three different sizes of 33”, 37” and 41” inches. Which will be suitable for adults and kids.
  2. The board super lightweight and greater comfortable because of the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) used for the core construction.
  3. The high-speed slick bottom and rear channeled bottom of the board are made from extremely lightweight and high-performance material for better control in strong waves.
  4. For greater maneuverability, the tail shape will play an important role. The crescent tail is well known for bodyboard in any water condition.
  5. It comes with a complete warranty of 12 months, which can be replaced if any defects in the board.

Few Key Features:

  1. The sleek design is comfortable for adults and kids.
  2. It has a lighter and stronger slick bottom.
  3. The premium coiled leash and swim fin are free.
  1. The quality of the product is appreciable.
  2. It comes with a reasonable price tag.
  3. The size of the boards will fit all age groups.
  4. The installation of the board can be done easily.
  5. The board is lightweight and durable.
  6. It will exhibit desirable performance.
  1. It is not desirable for strong waves.
  2. The board is not too much faster bodyboard.


The extra equipment’s coiled leash and swim fin will be an added advantage for the bodyboard. With these faster and controllable can be achieved. It also helps the rider to stick to the board in different wave conditions. The installation process can be done easily with a print instruction manual provided with the bodyboard. The board is also coming with a complete guarantee of 12 months.


Final Conclusion:

Selecting the bodyboard for adults is not an easy job. In this article, we made your work easier by considering the key parameters. The detail view of the parameters is addressed and the best board available in the market is considered. The material used, the size of the board and shape are also explained with advantages. Performance, controllability, comfort, and speed of the board in different waters and waves are also inscribed. Professional advice and customer reviews are also considered. Here, the supreme authority for the selection of board will on the user and his/her requirements.