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What Is A Boogie Board Used For?

Bodyboarding is a water sport performed in different water bodies like crest and curl of the waves. It uses the board type of structure which is square-nosed, soft and flexible in sizes. The bodyboarding is also called a boogie board or bodyboard or belly board that was invented by Tom Morey. He used polyethylene foam […]

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Body Surfing Fins For Sale

Body surfing is a water sport that is enjoyed by many.  With the right kind of board and tools at your hand, this becomes furthermore fun and exciting. Body surfing is done by lying on to the board. So while you lie on the board you need a little help or push in the water […]

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Best Body surfing fins

Water surfing is the funniest and most thrilling water sport around the world. Surfing is performed by using a floatable structure like a bodyboard, surfboard, and skimboard or without any buoyant devices. The activity in which floating devices are not used is called bodysurfing. It is not easy to surf with the body, and consumes […]

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