Personal Submarine- Explore Underwater Like A Boss

We’ve already explored underwater via underwater drones, investigating seas from far off. However, it’ll be more incredible to explore underwater yourself like a boss. In fact, now you can afford your very own submarine. And, in light of the fact that it’s the end of 2020 and anything can be possible.

We have already seen different types of underwater rigs using in James Bond’s Movies. Truth be told- all of that si-fi technologies are now available in the market. But I’m afraid so, an average person can’t manage the cost of one. But the good news is – these smaller personal subs are genuinely great and affordable. So get prepared to explore the ocean floor like a boss.

What is A Personal Submarine?

An individual or personal sub is a submarine, usually privately financed and built. This type of sub is typically built for recreational use. Some are utilized for scientific and military research.

Also, personal submarines have some other utilization too. Such as, in the travel industry, shooting, water brandishing, and spying. Some private subs are as enormous as 285 meters in length with the ability to remain submerged for a few weeks. Those submarines are ready to purchase ranging from US$16,000 to 2+ Billion USD. Some can go only 12 meters submerged, and some can even reach Mariana Trench.

Personal submarines are broadly known to seek the profundities of the marine world. Most of these sub vessels are owned by notable personalities and marine games lovers. Anyway, some designing organizations have thought of spectacular submarine models that can be obtained by intrigued individuals, much other than such prominent people.

We will discuss further details of such tip-top personal sub-models in this article.

Meet the Nemo, the Personal Submarine You Can Use Like Your Jet Skis

With regards to the personal submarine, there’s consistently one bothering issue, and that is place. Unless you do own a personal yacht (most of the personal yachts hold space for keeping a personal submarine), you will require a spot to keep your sub. But that isn’t generally an issue for the most recent creation by U-Boat Worx.

U-Boat Worx’s latest design, named after Nemo, is currently the world’s littlest and lightest sub. Even, the Nemo is light enough to be carried behind a fair-size SUV.

According to the Dutch manufacturer’s official site, the Nemo weighs up to 5,510 pounds, making it the world’s lightest personal sub. The lightweight and compact design imply you to carry your personal sub with you to the seashore behind your SUV. However, Nemo can jump up to 100 meters underwater, making it a major attraction for yachts proprietors as well as water sports lovers.

In July 2020, the Dutch submarine maker U-Boat Worx declared its prosperity at the Red Dot Design Award Competition. It is one of the internationally recognized design competitions. In the competition, Nemo won a Red Dot Award for its exclusive design and plan. The Nemo won the “best of the best” title in the Mobility and Transportation category.

At 5 feet tall and 5,510 pounds, the Nemo not just fits behind your SUV. It cans easily onboard an assortment of yachts and vessels (it’s basically similar in size to two fly skis). However, it additionally can be conveyed from land and even can be carried behind a vehicle.

In spite of the fact that owning a personal sub isn’t something that everyone desires. It’s a little niche with a few prominent customers. However, Nemo already attracts considerable interest among customers who love exploring the underwater world and are intrigued by the regular world.

Besides the compact size, the Nemo has a very sizable amount of space for two travelers. Both travelers will get their own devoted seat to watch the underwater scenario flexibly. For additional accommodation, the Nemo can be effortlessly dispatched from the land through a boat slope.

U-Boat Worx has promoted some exclusive specs for the submarine. It guarantees that it will have the option to plunge to a profundity of 330 feet, giving you an opportunity of exploring water life that you wouldn’t be capable of revealing with regular scuba diving.

The Nemo’s transparent acrylic-circle window will let you watch the wildlife of the undersea scenes. One of the dreaming destinations to investigate with the personal sub is the Antarctic. Here you can see some remarkable ocean life very close, including penguins, seals, and species known as polar gigantism, ocean stars, Tahiti, sharks, and bugs.

It’s likewise got some zip. The submarine will purportedly have the option to arrive at a maximum velocity of three bunches submerged. What’s more, you won’t need to surge back to the surface: U-Boat Worx states that Nemo can dive underwater for as long as eight hours prior to getting back to base.

Obviously, Nemo’s submerged undertakings will come at a significant cost, near around $1,060,800. In any case, think about what you are getting at this price and, possibly more critically, what you can do with using this personal sub. If you think from this perspective, it appears to be sensible enough to us. The sub is still not available to purchase officially, yet U-Boat Worx guarantees that the price range will change if it gets positive responses from the customers.

The completely air-conditioned Nemo is intended to fit two travelers or one traveler and one pilot. The most exciting news is – 12-day instructional classes are offered to all buyers at U-Boat Worx’s preparation office in Curacao. U-Boat Worx first takes this type of initiative. The Nemo is the world’s first submarine model which makes them incredibly valued in the market.

Notwithstanding, don’t expect this superyacht accomplice to come at a very modest price. Yet U-Boat Worx officials don’t officially announce any price; market researchers guessed that the costs would be starting from $975,000 to $1,154,936.

Wait, there is more

Besides the superlight personal sub the Nemo, you have the right to look at these seven personal subs that you could really purchase today, if you were impressively rich, obviously.

  1. Triton 600/2

Check out Triton’s littlest and lightest sub to date. It weighs only 2,500kg and standing 1.47m tall. However, the 660/2 packs the intensity of Triton’s expert leader sub into a smooth new plan which can fit into most superyacht carports effortlessly.

Moreover, this personal sub comes with the ideal size for proprietors hoping to guide their own submarines. With this submarine, two visitors can plunge to a profundity of 200 meters underwater and force along the seabed at a maximum velocity of four bunches for as long as six hours. The company also offers various customization options to the clients.

  1. Seamagine Aurora-3C

This three-person submarine is fit for plunging into 457m deep sea and offers some exclusive features. However, you can also move the Aurora-3C can at the surface, giving a steady stage to boarding a superyacht.

What’s more, by moving the incubator away from the highest point of the window and into a different compartment, the model offers a more noteworthy experience of enjoying the in-depth sea view.

However, the submarine’s low stature and even lower lift point make this sub ideal for arrangement in limited spaces. The company ensures that the sub easily fits inside a delicate superyacht carport without settling on solace, reasonableness, and performance.

Moreover, the Aurora-3C offers additional items including a mechanical arm, HD video frameworks, and a fly-out wanderer with an HD camera. You can even redo the shading.

  1. Project Neptune

Reported at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017, Project Neptune is the output of a joint effort between submarine expert Triton and British luxurious automobile brand Aston Martin. This three-person sub consolidates all the functional and specialized components of remote ocean investigation with a degree of artfulness and Aston Martin style.

One can dive up to 500m with this personal sub. However, Project Neptune offers an extraordinarily comfortable lodge for the underwater panoramic view and a smooth, reduced multihull outline for ideal speed and style under the waves. However, it’s multiple times the speeding up of Triton’s flagship 3300/3 submarine model.

  1. Seabreacher X

The Seabreacher X is one of the modest and reasonable regular subs in this listing. It costs around £80,000/€90,000 to the £1.2m/€1.35m, depends on the customization level and design. Simply take a gander at it.

With a smoothed-out shape and streamlined shelter, the Seabreacher X looks like a mini jet fighter. However, it comes with shark fins to startle clueless swimmers and a 260hp motor that causes it to leap out of the water when you’re exhausted from exploring under the surface.

You certainly not be able to investigate the extremely lower part of ocean beds with the Seabreacher X. However, we’re pretty sure you’ll be having loads of fun even at shallower profundities.

  1. U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3

U-Boat already gained a prestigious reputation in making personal submarine design. Its subs also have been utilizing for military and scientific investigation. This Dutch manufacturer also has an individual submarine explicitly designed for superyachts.

Moreover, the Super Yacht Sub 3 is conservative, lightweight with an unobstructed underwater view. With a length of under 3.2m and weighing 3,800kg, the sub is very flexible to fit inside any yacht’s garage.

However, it can plunge up to 300m with a maximum velocity of three bunches. A retractable freeboard extender makes on-the-water boarding a breeze. Extra highlights incorporate a Bluetooth sound framework and a freezing box.

  1. Seamagine Aurora-6S

Designed to give visitors a totally vivid involvement with the watery world beneath, SEAmagine’s Aurora model of subs includes a huge glass bulb for transparent underwater views. However, it can plunge up to 1,000m at a maximum speed of three bunches for eight hours.

The Californian-based submarine organization’s biggest extravagance sub, the Aurora-6S has an arrangement of five seats for travelers and one for the pilot. The whole set-up is ideal for remote ocean investigation with the family and friends close by. The overall weight and size of the Aurora-6S can be altered to suit the mothership, as can the shading.

  1. Deepflight Dragon

Deepflight offers individual submarines for various events, yet it’s the Deepflight Dragon that will presumably demonstrate the best fit for super fat wallets (instead of country states), being that it’s intended to fit in most superyacht carports with any struggle.

Build by quad directional propellers; the Deepflight Dragon can drift in a similar spot, while aerofoils on the front and back assist it to resemble a striking cross between a curiously large robot and an F1 vehicle. It likewise packs in two domed openings to let you and a traveler explore near the submerged untamed life.


Here, I try to cover most of the top personal submarine brands as far as I know. Do you think of any other submarine which I should mention here? If yes, comment below. I will include it in my list.

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