How to use a bodyboard

Bodyboarding is an average difficulty level watersport for the beginners. It can be practiced by any age group and required only a few days of practice. The surfer needs to have a good swimming ability, strength to hold the board and improved fitness levels.

 What size bodyboard do I need?    How to use a bodyboard  


  1. The bodyboarding
  2. A leash (attaches to your upper arm for preventing the board to lose).
  3. A wetsuit or a rash guard (wetsuit keeps your body warm in colder water and rash guard protects from the sun).
  4. fins and fin socks.

Choosing the location:

When you’re going to try bodyboarding for the first time. Choosing a location is an important choice basically, beaches are the ideal for bodyboarding. Because of a lifeguard, fewer rocks, reef bottom, and sand-bottomed beaches. The waves at the beaches are not high current for the beginners.

Paddling out:

Before paddling out into the water, body posture is important while surfing the bodyboard.

  1. Get the board and lie on it with your hands holding at the top of the board.
  2. another end of the board ending at lower belly.
  3. once you’re in this posture paddle your hand at the side of the board and legs (similar to the swimming with your hands).

How to Use Body Board

Practice on white water waves:

  1. After the paddle practice, you’re needed to catch out on the waves. Get into the water with your board up to knee depth.
  2. With the correct posture get on the board and begin paddling out. Kick with your both feet for more power.
  3. Try to maintain the nose of the board about 1 – 2 inches on the surface of the water.

Finding the Perfect wave:

  1. In the beginning stage, you should not attempt to catch high and fast waves. It may cause to slip from your board.
  2. choose the waves which are heading towards shore. Which won’t be high and fast waves.
  3. Turn towards the waves and start paddling out.
  4. check for the place where waves are breaking out. This gives to improve the performance of the bodyboarding.

Connect with wave and control:

  1. when you find the right wave, stay 5 or 10 feet beyond. Turn towards the beach and start paddling fast you can also lean forward to gain more power.
  2. Controlling the board can be done by keeping one hand on the board and paddle with the other.
  3. If you wanted to turn right side hold the nose of the board on the right side and paddle with the left hand.
  4. If you wanted to turn left side holds the nose of the board on the left side and paddle with the right hand.
  5. The fast movements can be achieved by pushing the nose of the board downwards and slower by lifting the nose upwards.
  6. Here you can also turn right or left by leaning on that side and placing the elbow on the same side upper deck.


You’ll gain a momentum when you keep on surfing the bodyboard, to achieve maximum speed (trim) in the flat on the surface you need-to lean towards the nose of the bodyboard. This will reduce drag and increase greater control.


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