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Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board, 42"

Riding waves in the different water bodies is always an interesting sport. Water sports like surfing, skimboarding, bodyboarding, windsurfing, wake surfing, etc., are trending. Now a day’s bodyboarding is getting popular and attracted by millions of riders. Because it is safer, easy to learn and provides many health benefits.

Boarding is an easier sport for the riders as compared with surfing. But, it is tougher for the beginners after learning tricks and moves, you will enjoy the thrilling experience. This board is made from foam and smaller than the surfing board. The recent models are different from the traditional bodyboard invented by Tom Morey.

With the help of advanced technology, the manufacturing industries are also started using modern materials, shapes, and sizes. A special set of bodyboards are required for the professionals. Considering that the manufacturing industries are designing with the latest features, material, sizes, and accessories.

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Points to remember:

Choosing the perfect bodyboard is vitally important for the professional bodyboard riders. Considering the ideal feature and benefits for your needs will help in greater riding experience. There are a lot of models available based on manufacturer designs and the performance of the bodyboard will also differ. So, before buying a professional bodyboard the rider has to consider the following point.

  1. Size: The weight and height of the rider is an important parameter before selecting the bodyboard. The size of the board will always affect performance. The ideal board size for any rider is fit from knee to the chin. When it comes to the heavier riders, the wider board is recommended.
  2. Shape: Contour of the bodyboard will have a major impact on the bodyboard riding. They are specially designed to increase flexibility, quick response, comfort and maneuverability. This holds the deck from heavier landing and big dives. The shape of the tail plays a vital role in the performance and control of the bodyboard. The main tail shapes are crescent and bat shape. Crescent tail is stable and faster because of its wider and less buoyant shape. Bat tail is good for smaller waves and heavier riders because it develops less drag and more speed.
  3. Material: The core material of the board will determine the performance and durability of the bodyboard. Basically, there are two types of material used for the construction are polyethylene foam (PE) or dow and polypropylene foam (PP). PE is a heavier, super flexible and good pick for cold water. PP is lighter, stronger, ideal for warm water and also offers faster maneuverability. By the combination of PE and PP foams, a sandwich layer material is also used.

In this article, we have listed out the top sales of professional boarding in the market. By considering the salient features of the bodyboard, material, shape, size, comfort, and maneuverability, and also addressing the points like different water usage, waves, price range, and accessories.

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  1. BZ Bodyboards Advantage 36″ – Choose Color

BZ bodyboards are well known for high performance and cutting-edge boards that riders in any type of conditions. The advanced features will benefit serious beginners to advanced riders. The BZ bodyboard advantage comes with features like C shape body and a crescent tail that gives better control. The channeled bottom will aim at a faster speed and advanced maneuvers.

BZ Bodyboards Advantage 36" - Choose Color


  • Dimensions: 36” length, 9.5” nose width, 18.75” max-width, and 15.5” tail width
  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is used for the construction of the core.
  • iii. Shape: Crescent tail is used for better control.


  1. Price of the board is reasonable.
  2. It has greater maneuverability.
  3. Board is ideal for beginners.
  4. Suitable for teens because of its flexibility and size.


  • The strength of the board needs to improve.


This bodyboard comes with a coil wrist leash and also available in different color options. It is ideal for the rider’s weight of 125lb and with a height of 5’ 2” tall or under. The core material need used for the construction is ideal for the cold-water bodyboarding.


2. Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash for Kids and Adults


Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash for Kids and Adults

The lucky bums bodyboard is convenient for different wave conditions and water bodies like the beach, river or waterparks. This will provide greater control, more maneuverability, strength, and faster speed. This board comes in three sizes of 33, 37 and 41 inches which is comfortable for all age groups.


  • Dimensions: 40.88 x 20.88 x 200 inches (41-inch bodyboard)
  • Material: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is used for the core and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for the slick bottom. This made the board durable, lightweight and buoyant.
  •  Shape: It has the rail of 60/40 configuration and crescent tail for excellent control and maneuverability.
  1. It has a greater durability.
  2. It comes in different sizes.
  3. Board is flexible for kids, teens, and adults.
  4. The structure is sturdy to withstand wipeouts and drops.
  5. It is lightweight, good control and greater maneuverability.
  6. it is a good quality product.
  1. Minor issues related to its attachments.
  2. The price is quite high.

Conclusion: Bodyboard comes in four vibrant colors and sizes which are convenient for children to adults. It’s is ready to ride bodyboard and does not require any modifications. The leash strap on the board secures the board from any wipeout.



3. BPS Storm Bodyboard – Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

This bodyboard comes with a premium coiled leash and swims fins. The material used for the bodyboard made it lightweight, water-resistant and durable. The versatile crescent tail is ideal for stand up and drop-knee riding. The rear channels at the bottom are meant for better control.

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)


  • Dimensions: This bodyboard comes in three different sizes of 33”, 37” and 41”.
  • Material: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core, the high-speed slick bottom surface, and bottom rear channels are made the board extremely lightweight and the performance of the board are also improved.
  • Shape: The tail shape of crescent has further added advantage for the performance of the board.
  1. It is a high-quality product.
  2. The installation procedure is easy and simple.
  3. It is lightweight and durable.
  4. The price is affordable.
  5. The performance of the board is desirable.
  6. Bodyboard sizes are available for all ages.
  1. Board is not suitable for heavy waves.
  2. It is not the faster bodyboard.


conclusion: The premium coiled leash and swim fin tethers are helping for the faster ride. The coiled leash holds your board to attach you always. The print instruction will direct you on how to install a leash and the use of swim fins. The completer BPS storm bodyboard comes with 12 months of guarantee.



4. Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack’ – Wave Weapon Super Lightweight Body-Board

The wave company has a lot of experience in manufacture water products. The beach attack pack has greater features like ultra-lightweight, strong EPS core. The product comes with a premium coiled leash and fin tethers. The smooth superior attractive design performs and works well for adults and children.’


Own the Wave 'Beach Attack Pack' - Wave Weapon Super Lightweight Body-Board


  • Dimensions: This bodyboard is also coming in three different sizes of 33”, 37” and 41”.
  • Material: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core is used for greater strength. The high-speed slick bottom surface will help to glide effortlessly and the performance of the board is increased because of its bottom rear channels.
  • Shape: The crescent tail made adaptable for stand-up and drop knee bodyboarding.
  1. It comes with an affordable price tag.
  2. Board is sturdy and durable.
  3. The quality of the product is desirable.
  4. Leash and swim fin ensure safety and security.
  5. It comes with a printed instruction manual.
  6. The product has a guarantee of 12 months.
  1. Problem with foam material.

Conclusion: The bodyboard comes with a large variant of colors. The ultra-lightweight board with leash and fin is added service, which helps greater performance in any water bodies. Usually, the customer will face a problem for installation of the bodyboard. The instruction manual emailed in the time purchase will help to solve those problems.


  1. California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard (44-Inch) (Colors May Vary)

The California board company is one of the oldest manufacturers of the bodyboards. This product is the better choice for taller or larger adults because of its wider and longer size. The molded counter deck is the best feature that draws the attention of the riders. It is designed to increase the comfort and armrest on the surface of the board.

California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard (44-Inch) (Colors May Vary)


i. Dimensions: 44 x 23 x 2.75 inches is the larger board, which will be comfortable for taller and larger weight riders.

ii. Material: The core of the bodyboard is made from waterproof EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). High-Density Polyethylene) is used for the slick bottom.

iii. Shape: The molded contour deck is used for the comfort and arm rest. The crescent tail will add more comfort and better control.


1. The product is durable.

2. It is a lightweight construction.

3. It has greater control and maneuverability.

4. It comes with the arm locked in fit.

5. Dual swivel coil wrist leash.


1. The only one-color variant is available.

2. It is available only in one size.

Conclusion: if you need a bodyboard for larger size in the affordable price range, this product will be the better choice. This comes with thumb blub and dual swivel pro-style coil wrist leash will be providing greater control and comfort for bodyboarding.



6. THURSO SURF Lightning 42” Bodyboard Package PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Durable Lightweight Includes Double Stainless Steel Swivels Leash and LUX Bodyboard Bag.

Thurso surfboards are one of the best choices for beginners. This bodyboard comes with a complete package of required accessories in a luxury bodyboarding carry bag. The board comes in a standard size of 42 inches which will fit easily for adults. The deck is about 4mm thick provides a good amount of cushioning. The pack also comes with a double stainless-steel swivels leash.

THURSO SURF Lightning 42 Bodyboard Package PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Durable Lightweight Includes Double Stainless Steel Swivels Leash and LUX Bodyboard Bag


i. Dimensions: this board comes with the dimensions of 42 x 21.5 x 2.125 inches which is convenient for adults.

ii. Material: The Rigid Polyethylene (PE) is used as a core material with 2 FRP stringers makes the board durable, buoyant and lightweight. The high-density polyethylene slick bottom makes the board stronger and stiffer.

iii. Shape: The deck made from high density cross linked polyethylene foam is heat laminated and sealed, which will de laminate easily. The crescent tail will provide greater stability and control.


1. It is inexpensive bodyboard.

2. Control of the board is easy.

3. The board is durable enough.

4. All required accessories come in a package.


1. Size is only suitable for adults.

Conclusion: This versatile bodyboard is suitable for beginners and specifically designed for excellent performance. The board is strong and responsive bottom skin and maximum speed. The quality of the board is durable which will last for many years. The price range of the board is also reasonable.



7. Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board, 42″

Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board, 42"

Wham-O is the most well-known brand in the bodyboarding world. The Morey Mach 7 is a high-quality board with a classic design which is particularly designed for the beginners. This board is highly durable and resilience against bumps and scrapes. The channeled polyethylene is good for navigation and sliding down the waves.


i. Dimensions: This larger Morey board comes with the size of 42 x 22 x 2.5 inches. It is comfortable for the adults of height 5’ 8”.

ii. Material: This bodyboard is made from Dow polyethylene and one stringer rod from a dual composite carbon. Which has higher strength, durable and lightweight.

iii. Shape: The crescent tail allows for maximum performances and shape allows you to tear into water maintaining maximum buoyancy. The traditional design of rail 50/50 is used.


1. Price of the board is affordable.

2. Performance of the board is desirable.

3. It is lightweight.

4. It has a greater Manoeuvrability.


1. There is no pre-installed leash.


Conclusion: The Polyethylene core has a greater amount of flex and gives you better performance in the waves. The high-density polyethylene channeled slick bottom will provide you greater control. The board is also available only in two different colors.

Final conclusion:

It is always difficult to choose the best bodyboard for our requirements. Now a day’s manufacturers are releasing different models based on advanced material, shapes, lightweight features, and sizes. With respect to that performance, maneuverability and strength are also increasing. The cost of the bodyboards also because affordable. By considering all these factors, we are shortlisted the best bodyboards for the professionals. But the final decisions to the purchase of bodyboard will depend on the users and their needs.



It is a board water sport which is enjoyed by many. It is just like surfing but with a smaller board. In this, you glide across the water’s surface to meet the breaking wave and glide back to the shore.  The board used in this is just like a surfboard but without fins. Skimboarders can perform a variety of stunts in the water. Also, this is a unique water sport than others because it involves a “flatland” so takes up the tricks from skateboarding too.

To learn skimboard you need a lot of practice and patience. The benefit of this sport in learning is that it is fun to learn on a flatland where it is a little wet by the wash of the previous wave. It is great for children to enjoy this sport on wet sand as it involves sliding from here to there. Once you are an expert in sliding and learn to keep your balance on board then you go in try it out on waves.

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Well, how to start about it is discussed in steps down below:

Step 1: you need to find a good location, one where you can practice and learn without disturbing others as well as. Also, you need to find a beach that is good for learning either the one with a little slope for sand skimming or the one with very powerful shore back and steep slope for wave skimming. Location is a must if you are starting to learn skimboarding because as much as you practice you will be perfect.

Step 2: the selection of the board is also mandatory. There are two different types of skimming sand or wave skimming. Both of the skimmings requires you to choose different boards. Boards that are smaller, flatter and wooden are cheap are best for sand skimming, which is done sideways along the shore where it is flat. Whereas you can go for high-tech foam/carbon fiber-based boards that are great for wave skimming. Once you are through with boards remember the surf wax. There are many types of wax, like tropical for warm waters and cold for cold locations. Choose according to your location.

Step 3: exercise and keep your body fit and in shape to start learning to skim. Your muscle should easily adjust to the amount of stretching you would have to do. So run and stretch and be fit. Also apply on some sand on your face and legs and arms when you start skimming and learn to keep your leg and back muscles straight, warm and strong.

Step 4: get ready to have a go now. Hold the board right in your arms. Most preferable of holding the board is one hand on the back of the tail and one hand on the side rail halfway up the board. Hold the board out in front of you. If you are going flat along the sand then wait for the last wave to strike to shore and then go back. When there is a thin coating of water, between a couple of millimeters and not more than half an inch, that’s when you have to start running. When you have gained a little pace, drop the board in front of you on this thin coating layer of water. The best way to drop the board is to get low a little and slide it so that it gives a little pace before you get on it. It feels as if you are dropping the board on the sand and since it is a little wet with water the board slides easily. To get on board is to run onto it by placing your front foot a few inches past the middle first and then placing your back foot behind it. Running on to it will help you not losing pace and puts your weight gradually. Hence gives you a smooth ride.

CAUTION: don’t jump on the board that will either crack the board or will make the board stop from sliding as it gets stucks with the sand. Because the tension of the water breaks so the board will not be able to skim if you jump or hop on it. Also, you will fall because of this. And if you jump you put your whole weight together on the board which makes it impossible to balance. One foot at a time will not make you fall, even if you think it so. A little practice with it and you will be fine plus your board too.



Step 5: sand skimming is fun and interesting but wave skimming brings the greatest joy. Once you have to learn everything you can do tricks too. Two things to keep in mind while doing wave skimming is that you need a wave that you can reach and second that a wave you can turn off of to. Watch a lot of videos and practice a lot on the beach to learn the two skimmings. And once you master it you will have the most fun with this sport. Every beach, wave, sand, board, and person is different so experience and practice will only help you the best. Learning to ride is the most difficult but not impossible.

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Lastly, skimboarding is a huge fun water sport for anyone who learns it with patience and practice and experience. Some even find it better than surfing but that is a personal choice. Watch a lot of videos and read about what board to buy and not to. Go out to the beach on regular bases or most frequently as you can that does not mean that you have to live on the beach but practice makes a man perfect, so fall and glide and then finally learn to ride a skimboard. Find what is best for you, in terms of board and then you go buying it. Keep the location in check with surf wax and your body in check and fit. We hope to have helped you to enjoy skimboarding.


How to ride a wave

If you love water and water sports then you would definitely enjoy this fun surfing. This is a boardsport in which a skimboard which is much like a surfboard but is smaller and without fins is used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming breaking wave and ride it back to shore. It is smaller than a surfboard and hence is lighter than it is. It is quite flat and this sport is usually done on the shore of the beach that is flat. The skimboard might be rounder and smaller version of a surfboard but gives the same pleasure of surfing in the water. It is becoming increasingly popular but still is a small sport.


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The best part about skimboarding is that it is super exciting and cool no matter what your level is in the sport or what your age is. Even a kid of five but in adult supervision obviously can enjoy using the board. Kids mostly love to play with the board driving it back and forth, sliding onto their knees and gliding across the sand. As much as a kid can enjoy it so can a grown man of nearly fifty years of age. When skimboarding on a wave you feel as if your surfing on water. It may be tough at first but then it becomes easier quickly with practice. Once you get the hang of it then you can even do tricks on the water.

How to ride a wave

The riding of the skimboard is easy that is why this is a stupendous board sport for beginners. You just have to start running up to the shore, keeping your eyes on the coming wave, look down to drop the board and hop on it, then look at the wave and bend your knees and prepare to ride up onto it and then turn it towards the sand. This is the basic tip of riding a skimboard. This looks easy while reading but needs a bit of practice, in reality, to get the hang of it and some other tips to master the sport.

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  • if you are a beginner: if you are just a beginner in this sport and have just bought the board keeps in mind to start from the shore, first learn to slide on the shore and then take a dig at the waves. Firstly, remove off all tabs and everything from the board and wax the board with surf wax properly to keep yourself steady on the board. Try to find out a flat beach with a wide area that provides you with a coverage of the area with ¼” thin film of water by the previous wave. If there are cusps in the shape of crescent cuts in the shoreline waves then start from a point that is nearest to the ocean and aim your slide toward the back middle of the cusp where the beach is the flattest, this tends to provide you a long slide before ending on the shore. The easiest and safest maneuver in the skimming is speed run, which is skimming up the shoreline and turning off the swoosh of the waves. Waves swoosh a lot onto the sand, wait for the right one for you and time your slide such that you don’t hit the wave when it is flattened, and hence take your ride on to the wave. Keep in mind to get off the board at the right time when you end the slide before the sand cover it. Just before the slide ends, kick the board off back up the slope of the beach and then as when you turn to walk up the slope easily grab the board. The best board for beginners is the wooden board because a learning person can wear and tear the board and since this board is light and this is easily breakable so the best option is to buy a wood one to practice and train. Also, this wood board will not float if a thin layer of sand is washed over it. Why buy an expensive foam board if the person is going to be jumping and falling off the board. It is a better option for an experienced slider.


  • Smooth riding and tips for turns: for a smooth-riding of the skimboard you need to keep control of the board and make smooth turns while riding a wave. Some people have problems sinking before they hit the wave, this could happen because of various reasons. Either you started too early or the board is too small for you or you need a flatter bottom or you were not running just fast enough. Relax this could happen, how to avoid is important. Turning are very crucial for riding smooth, turning usually lowers the speed of your board, so turn as little as possible. The worst way to go is straight out to the wave and expect to turn and ride it, you need to approach the wave from a flat angle. Using the hop method makes it easier, meaning usage of your legs and body to its fullest. Lift them up and push down as you slide, but don’t do it too much like a madman, keep it smooth and simple. Try to keep the board flat on the water, leaning on the rails for turning is just not the way, instead, try to touch the water to turn, it also keeps the rails lined up with your turning. For a smooth transition on the wave, keep your rear foot as far back as possible on the tail of the board, it will give you control as well. If you don’t want to fall into the board while turning, which obviously you don’t, then let the waves do the work of picking up and giving you speed and you keep your body firm on the board. Your body, while you are sliding, will follow where your head goes, so if you are looking towards the lip as you start to turn that is where you will end up. You should always keep your body still and your eye on waves that is how you will achieve vision and depth perception.


  • Maintenance and safety: these boards need maintenance and protection. Since these boards are light hence they are totally breakable, so if they hit hard on a wave they crack into two. So keeping in mind that you need to maintain these. They do not like direct sunlight, so once done with your sliding keep them by sticking the tail in the sand and keeping the nose up so that less sunlight is onto them otherwise their polyester resin will get so hot and melt away that they will change their shape. The color also matters the white ones are fine but the colored ones are very vulnerable. Also, keep on looking for holes and water stains because rocks and sands to wear them out. Also, keep yourself safe and sound and respect everyone else on the beach. Avoid skimming where you might hit people. Don’t let the board get away from you and keep your body and firm and in control. Don’t try to do stupid things like flips in the shallow end and only go to the waves when you have learned and trained properly.



Keep these tips in mind and take your training with the skimboard very sincerely and carefully. Reading it seems very easy and but when you actually go out to try that’s when you realize the difficulty. So keep in mind these tips and don’t fall too much and hurt yourself, because without the body you won’t be able to enjoy the sport.

How to Practice Skimboarding at Home

Skimmboard for home

If you’re enthusiastic about watercraft sports like surfing, water skiing, skimboarding, etc. skimboarding is a perfect water sport for beginners because of its smaller board size. This skimboarding is similar to a surfboard and has a flat bottom with no fin. The gilding of the board is effortless to sail over a water surface or wet sand towards a wave or riding in shallow water edge of oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes. It propelled by human power instead of external sources, which displaces water backward and moves forward.

Initially, a considerable amount of practice is required for the skimboard beginners.  You didn’t always require a beach or river edges to practice, the backyard of your home is also sufficient. There are different ways to arrange a skimboarding setup. But here, all you need is a little area, plastic warps (tarpaulin cover), pool noodles or sand sacks, duct tape, water, and a skimboard.

Skimmboard for home

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Step 1: Location and tarp

1. Look out for the flat area on your backyard and spread the plastic wrap over 100 feet length and 20 feet width or maybe lesser, based on your convenience for the skimboarding.

2. Make sure that plastic wrap is flawless and the skimboarding area has fewer up and downs.

Step 2: Pool noodles or sand sacks

1. You need to make a wall around the area of a plastic wrap or tarp using pool noodles. Take duct tape and cut it into larger pieces.

2. Place the pool noodles under the tarp and warp out with duct tape, make a certain check to avoid gaps between the pool noodles.

3. Even you can use sand sacks in place of pool noodles, and try to maintain the minimum of a 3-inch wall all around.

Step 3: Final step for the arrangement

1. When the setup is ready, fill out the tarp area with an ample amount of water using a hose.

2. Check out the overall tarp area for any water leakage. Now all the arrangement for the skimboarding is completed.

Step 4:First attempt for skimboarding

1. There different types of Skimboards are available in the market. Do your research in the local shops or take an expert’s advice to get some idea.

2. After selecting the perfect skimboard and don’t forget the wax on the board to avoid feet sliding.

3. If you’re doing the first attempt to get a general idea because it takes running, jumping and balance. Stretch exercises are important before starting the session and try to get a perfect posture.

4. Holding the board is also important while practicing it. One of the preferred techniques for board holdings one hand on the back tail and another hand on the halfway of the side rail.

5. Now it’s time for the first practice on the arrangement you made for the skimboarding. Try to run a smaller distance and when you’re at a good speed, drop your board in front and step leading foot and back foot on the board. Don’t try to jump or hop on the board, it’ll lead you to fall.

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Step 5: Failing and Practicing

1. This technique will help you to maintain good speed and continues practice will improve performance.
2. You have to concentrate on the posture will skimboarding and try to step your foot in the middle of the board.

3. There are various methods available for practice at home. This method is safer and avoids you to get hurt.