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How to use a bodyboard

Bodyboarding is an average difficulty level watersport for the beginners. It can be practiced by any age group and required only a few days of practice. The surfer needs to have a good swimming ability, strength to hold the board and improved fitness levels. Equipment: The bodyboarding A leash (attaches to your upper arm for preventing […]

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It is a board water sport which is enjoyed by many. It is just like surfing but with a smaller board. In this, you glide across the water’s surface to meet the breaking wave and glide back to the shore.  The board used in this is just like a surfboard but without fins. Skimboarders can […]

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If you love water and water sports then you would definitely enjoy this fun surfing. This is a boardsport in which a skimboard which is much like a surfboard but is smaller and without fins is used to glide across the water’s surface to meet an incoming breaking wave and ride it back to shore. […]

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How to Practice Skimboarding at Home

If you’re enthusiastic about watercraft sports like surfing, water skiing, skimboarding, etc. skimboarding is a perfect water sport for beginners because of its smaller board size. This skimboarding is similar to a surfboard and has a flat bottom with no fin. The gilding of the board is effortless to sail over a water surface or […]

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Boogie Board for Big Guys

Boogie board is also known as a bodyboard, which is a famous water sport. In this sport, a board similar to the suffering board is used for riding. The rider will be laid on the board, where you can enjoy the crest and trough of a wave. This boogie board is invented by Tom Morey […]

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