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Boogie Boards For Kids

Bodyboarding is a huge adventure and amazing fun on the beach so why would kids be behind in this fun activity in the water. So for kids especially designed boards come which help them in learning as well as is well-build for them. Since kids cannot take care of it that well and that often […]

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What size bodyboard do I need?

Introduction: Choosing the right board for the right job is an essential requirement to enjoy your riding experience. The selection of bodyboards is always beginning with a lot of confusion and myths. It starts when you’re entering into a bodyboarding world or else looking for an upgraded version. Adding to that a board range of boards […]

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What Is A Boogie Board Used For?

Bodyboarding is a water sport performed in different water bodies like crest and curl of the waves. It uses the board type of structure which is square-nosed, soft and flexible in sizes. The bodyboarding is also called a boogie board or bodyboard or belly board that was invented by Tom Morey. He used polyethylene foam […]

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If you are looking for some fun in the water than this is the one way that you can. Boogie boarding is a water sport in which you have to surf the waves while lying on the board. Boogie boarding is great for anyone who even wants to learn or is new at boogie boarding. […]

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Pro Bodyboards For Sale

Riding waves in the different water bodies is always an interesting sport. Water sports like surfing, skimboarding, bodyboarding, windsurfing, wake surfing, etc., are trending. Now a day’s bodyboarding is getting popular and attracted by millions of riders. Because it is safer, easy to learn and provides many health benefits. Boarding is an easier sport for […]

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