Boogie Board for Big Guys

BZ Bodyboards Advantage 36 - Choose Color

Boogie board is also known as a bodyboard, which is a famous water sport. In this sport, a board similar to the suffering board is used for riding. The rider will be laid on the board, where you can enjoy the crest and trough of a wave. This boogie board is invented by Tom Morey at Southern California. It gives you a thrilling experience and versatile sport for all the age groups. Bodyboards are designed based on user-specific preferences like weight, height, and form of riding.


The material used for the construction is different from surfer boards. Different kinds of foam are used for the core, bottom, and rail. The heat lamination treated performed for bonding of structure. This material exhibits a good amount of flexibility and control of the board. Few manufacturers use rods in the board to increase strength. Usually, they are referred to as a stringer and made of carbon or graphite.

Various models are introduced by manufacturers into the market with advanced features. For better safety and greater riding experience, extra equipment like leash and fins are provided by the manufacturing companies. Selecting the bodyboard by considering this entire factor is a difficult task. In the following point, we are listed the important factors to be considered before purchasing the bodyboard.

Key factors before selecting a bodyboard:

Choosing a boogie board for the bigger guys is different as compared with usual bodyboards. The height and weight of the rider will play a vital role. The large size and wider boards are preferable for the bigger guys. Before selecting the perfect bodyboard factors like material, size and shape of the board are always important. These parameters will vary with respect to manufacturers. To select the ideal board, we need to know the overview of these factors trending in the present market.

  1. Shape: The shape of the board will affect performance and control. If the board is wider at nose location, it will be suitable for prone riding. The narrow nose shape or parallel rails are ideal for drop knee and stand up riding. Few boards are coming with a channel, which helps to hold and control. The tail counter is also influencing the performance and helps to maintain the track. Crescent tails will be more stable and performed by drop-knee riders because of its wider shape. Bat tail is performed by prone riders because it produces less drag and more power.
  2. Material: The material will always have a major impact on the performance, flexible and control of the bodyboard. Different foam is used for the construction of bodyboard. The foam is used as a deck and covered with a plastic bottom. Generally, the foam-like dow or polyethylene foam (PE) and Polypropylene foam (PP) are used. PP material is flexible, softer and used for cold waterboarding. PE is suitable for warm waterboarding because of its lightweight, stiffness and faster maneuverability. The deck is covered with a bottom made of Bixby or Surlyn.
  3. Size: Before selecting the perfect bodyboard weight and height of the rider need to be considered. For the bigger bodyboard rider, the size is to be wider and lengthier. The size will affect the control and performance of the board and the board has to fit from knee to the chin of the body.

The most suitable, perfect and best bodyboards available in the market for the big guys are listed out in this article. The key factors described in the line are considered with respect to those parameters like flexible, control, the weight of the board and performance on different water bodies are considered.

1. Random 37 inch and 41-inch High-Performance Bodyboards Lightweight with EPS core(Rainbow and color dots two colors Available)


Random 37 inch and 41 inch High Performance Bodyboards Lightweight with EPS core(Rainbow and color dots two colors Available)

The Random high-performance bodyboard is lightweight and designed especially for beginners and adults. The slick bottom of the bodyboard will produce greater maneuverability. Deck of the bodyboard is made of EPS core and only two colors rainbow and color dots are available.


i. Dimensions: The board is available in two different sizes of 37 and 41 inches. It is most suitable for the weight of 25-55 kgs and 55-87 kgs respectively.

ii. Material: The EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is used for the core and it exhibits greater strength and flexibility. It also has characteristics of the lightweight and comfortable surface.

iii. Shape: The bottom of the bodyboard is slippery, which slice over the water surface and greater speed and better maneuverability. The Crescent tail will also be added advantage for speed and versatile in all water conditions.


1. The maneuverability of the board is easy.

2. Better control because of a slick bottom.

3. Suitable for heavier persons.

4. The board is lightweight and easy to carry.


1. The leash provided is not a good quality.

2. Only limited colors are available.



This is the perfect boogie board for adults and kids. The board can be carried easily because of its lightweight. The performance of the board is also desirable because of strength and flex. The price is also in the affordable range.

2. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

The Bo-Toys bodyboard is the lightweight, stylish and ideal board for the kids and beginner. The heat laminated structural design is more durable and exhibits better speed and performance. It also comes with a leash of the higher quality. The board is available in color variants like red, blue, pink, and green. It is ready to rider board comes with fully assembled structure.


i. Dimensions: In the market board available in different sizes of 33 and 41 inches. This is most suitable for adults and children.

ii. Material: The EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core material and EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) bottom is a better combination. Which is more durable and provides years of experience.

iii. Shape: The heat lamination technology used for the layer of the board is more durable and sturdier. Rail of 60/40 and crescent tail is easy to control and stable in strong waves.


1. The board is more durable.

2. It has excellent control over any waves.

3. The board is comfortable for taller and heavier riders.

4. It is a lightweight structure.

5. Different range of colors available.


1. The graphic may fade on the board.

2. Bubbles formation is possible on the board.

The board is available in the affordable price range, which comes with fully assembles the structure. The high-quality leash is attached to the board. It has a total guarantee and defected board will be replaced fast.



3. ZEFR RECON 42″ Bodyboard/leash included/will NEVER peel apart or waterlog

ZEFR RECON 42" Bodyboard/leash included/will NEVER peel apart or waterlog,

ZEFR Recon is a solid and a closed-cell foam premium bodyboard, which comes with a lifetime warranty. The board will never peel off and waterlog Eco-friendly. The built-in quality makes the board more sustainable and it is suitable for heavier and weight guys. The board comes in limited CAMO color.


i. Dimensions: The board is available in size of 42” x 21.5” x 2” and convenient for beginners and professional riders.

ii. Material: A closed cell Polyethylene foam (PE) is used for the construction of the board. It exhibits super lightweight, maneuverability and faster riding.

iii. Shape: The closed cell board will never peel off and Eco-friendly board while water intake. The crescent tail has a wider edge, which will provide greater control and higher performance in any water conditions.


1. The board is super lightweight.

2. It is more durable.

3. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

4. It is water log Eco-friendly and never peels off.


1. The board is available only one color.

2. Only one size is available.

Conclusion: The board and customizable leash come with a lifetime warranty and it is a perfect choice for beginners and professional riders. The material used for the construction of the board is lightweight and the board exhibits greater maneuverability and better performance.



4. 42-inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard

42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard

This Wavemaster bodyboard is a perfect design for big guys. Its compact design will produce the ultimate performance. The board produces a decent amount of speed, elevation, and longevity. The heat seal to the board core is strong and the high-density core material is useful for both drop knee and prone riding experience with maximum stability in all the water conditions.


  1. Dimensions: The board is only available in the size of 42” x 21” x 2.5 inches. This is suitable for the bigger size and professional riders.
  2. Material: The closed-cell foam of high-density core and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) top skin with unique heat technology is used for the board manufacturing. The IXL crosslink deck and polyethylene will prevent the water from infiltrating into the board.
  3.   Shape: This compact design is lightweight, durability and water resistant. The material will also offer stiffness, speed and better control. The crescent tail is used for the board and it is useful mainly for drop knee and prone riding.
  1. It is suitable for drop knee and prone riding.
  2. The material is lightweight and high impact durability.
  3. It is also suitable for warm and cold-water bodyboarding.
  1. The stiffness of the bodyboard needs to improve.
  2. Only one size is available.


Conclusion: This unique bodyboard is available in different colors like red, green, blue and yellow. The closed-cell foam design proved the performance, speed, and projection of the bodyboard. The strong bottom skin of the board will produce greater speed and higher maneuverability. The price range is also affordable and a better choice for beginners and professional riders.

5. Liquid Shredder FSE EPP Bodyboard

Liquid Shredder FSE EPP Bodyboard

The Liquid shredder bodyboards are the best boards for wave riding experience in the affordable price tag. This bodyboard is available in different sizes of 39, 42 and 44 inches. The shred deck is super soft polyethylene with perfect and perfect thumb grips of the board. The board is also available in different colors like blue, green, yellow and red with a white combination.

  • Features:

  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the board are 44” x 22” x 2.5” inches and available in sizes of 39 and 42 inches. It is comfortable for all the rider needs of different age groups.
  • Material: The shred core of Polypropylene is used, which is durable and lightweight. The IXHD Polyethylene fiberglass stringer system of hull slick bottom is full heat laminated construction. The IXPE deck is a soft contour and convenient thumb grip.
  •         Shape: The shred deck and shred hull slick bottom of polyethylene will produce high strength and better      thumb grip. The unique shred core is highly durable and crescent tail of 60/40 double rail is used for better control.
  1. The Liquid shredder core is durable.
  2. It has a better grip and stiffness.
  3. Color variants are available.
  4. Sizes are suitable for all the age groups.
  1. The board performance needs to improve.

Conclusion: This advanced feature of the liquid shredder is perfect bodyboard for all the age groups. The heat lamination of the board will never peel off in all type of water conditions. The rider can choose perfect color and size as per his/her desire.


6. BZ Bodyboards Advantage 36″ – Choose Color

BZ Bodyboards Advantage 36 - Choose Color


The BZ bodyboards are popular for its cutting-edge technology and high-end performance bodyboard. This can be used in any type of water conditions. The advanced features will helpful for beginners and experienced riders. It comes with C shape body and a crescent tail for better maneuverability. The faster speed of the board is possible because of the channeled bottom.


  • Dimensions: This BZ board is available in a size of 36 inches. It is comfortable for medium height and weight riders.
  • Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is used for the construction of the core and slick bottom will give greater durability and super flexibility.
  •  Shape: The advanced C shape body and Crescent tail are used for better control. The bottom of the board will help in smooth flow in any water conditions.
  1. It is available in reasonable price.
  2. The board is easy to control.
  3. It is ideal for beginners.
  4. The board is most suitable for teens.
  1. The board strength needs to improve.


Conclusion: The board has different color options and comes with a coil wrist leash. It is a good option for a height of 5’ 2” with a weight of 125lb or below. The board will exhibit greater performance in the cold-water riding conditions because of its core material.


7. GYN Trade Heat Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard Hard Slick Printed
GYN Trade Heat Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard Hard Slick Printed

The GYN trade legendary bodyboard is basically designed for beginners and experienced riders. This adaptable board is used in all types of water conditions and weather.  The heat seal treatment is performed for the layers of the board. This will help to prevent bubbles on the board even after many uses. Board comes with 12 different varieties of colors.


  • Dimensions: The board comes in different sizes of 33, 37, 41, 42 and 45 inches for all the ages. The standard dimension for 42 inches board is 42” x 22” x 2.5 inches.
  • Material: The Polyethylene material used for construction will provide greater stability and control. The heat seal treatment is performed for the board will be durable.
  •  Shape: The structure of the board is sturdy and slick hard bottom will slide on the waves. The crescent tail construction will give better maneuverability.

Price of the board is affordable.

The heat-sealed structure will have better durability.

A lot of color variants are available.

The board comes with a detachable leash.

  1. The structure does not have stringers.


This smooth base slick bottom is harder and useful in strong waves. The board lightweight and detachable wrist leash are convenient for the portability. The price of the board is also available in the reasonable is versatile for beginners and professional bodyboard riders.

Final conclusion:

The selection of the bodyboard is always a difficult and confusing process. The confusion begins with the size, material, and shape of the board. In recent days, the advanced features used in the board will make a lot of difference in boards. In this article, we have listed the best bodyboard suitable for the rider based on their requirements. This shortlist is done with respect to keys features such as performance, maneuverability, lightweight and durability. The expert’s advice is also taken into account while addressing the bodyboards. The ultimate selection of the board will depend on users and their basic criteria.

Body Surfing Fins For Sale

U.S. Divers Proflex Diving Fins l, Blue, Large 9 5-11 5

Body surfing is a water sport that is enjoyed by many.  With the right kind of board and tools at your hand, this becomes furthermore fun and exciting. Body surfing is done by lying on to the board. So while you lie on the board you need a little help or push in the water to keep you moving. The major work of the fins is to provide you with propulsion with the waves, so you could catch waves easily. Shorter blade fins provide you with smaller, quicker and deeper burst kick while the long blade fins provide you with controls and help with long paddle outs.

Fins are the tool that helps you paddle under the water so you can keep on moving. Without the fins, paddling becomes really difficult doing it solely by the foot while fins make it easier. There is less pressure on the foot and they are designed in a way to help you and at the same time be comfortable. There are a variety of fins being offered in the market since body surfing as become a popular sport. So, choosing the right one is really important. Here is a buyer’s guide for your help



While buying fins you have to keep these certain instructions in mind, as if not bought with caution the tool might be completely useless to you. If the money has to spend it should be on the right tool.

USAGE: After deciding that you have to buy the fins you have to decide the usage of the fins. Where will you use it most of the time? Like in salt water or swimming pool. And how many people will use it? Deciding this beforehand will help you in buying the right option for you. Not all fins can be used by everyone and everywhere. So keep this in mind and then go searching.

THE RIGHT FIT: the right fit fin is like finding the right fit cloves in winter. You must always keep in mind that the fin should be of the right fit or otherwise it will cause problems. The fin should be medium fir not to tight not to lose. If it is too tight from the front it will cause a cramp and if too tight from the back of the foot then it will be uncomfortable. If it is too loose then it will cause blisters. So it should be the right fit. Always check out the chart provided by the fins company. Cause each company has it somewhat different. So go by the chart and look for the right fit for you.


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DON’T GO BY DESIGNS SOLELY: fins come in two types of shapes, one is asymmetric design like Churchill, stealth, etc. and other is symmetrical designs like pods and vipers, etc. it is mostly by personal choice in choosing the designs, some may use some and some may use the other. You could see some professionals using the same type of design that maybe because of its features not just solely because of the design. So thoroughly research over it and take suggestions from professionals.

Here are some of the best products:

U.S. Divers Shredder Surf 2 Body Boarding and Body Surfing Fin


It is a company that offers great fins not just for surfing but for boarding, diving, tube fishing, and much other water sport. The best part it is that you can use this for a particular sport and also for some fun in the pool.


Multi-purpose: this fin quality is that it is a multi-purpose fin. People can use it for boarding or diving or surfers can also it or it can be used by traveling snorkelers as well. Goes with every sport, whatever you need be. Designed for adults.

Designed: it has dual-composite blade cups. Also, it channels the water efficiently so that it can provide greater power. It is engineered and designed in such a way that it delivers power and speed while conserving an individual’s energy.

Added advantage: the fin comes with adjustable foot straps and also a built-in leash system and has a super-soft foot pocket. These fins are available in every size from small to large with a two-year warranty.


Multi-purpose fin

Dual-composite blade cups

Provides power and speed to conserve energy of a person

Adjustable foot strap

Built-in leash system

Super-soft foot pocket

Available in every size with two year warranty


Great all-purpose fins

Compact enough to allow for rapid acceleration

The separate ankle strap is great for use


Their usage is fairly specific


Conclusion: these fins are great for adults and since they can be used for professional as well as for fun makes them a perfect buy.

FINIS Long-Lasting Fins:

FINIS Long Floating Fins , Blue Yellow, XS (US Male 1-3 US Female 2-4)

If you are looking for long fins that help you with your water sport then these are the best choice for you. As they are quite long and great for use.

Made-up: these are long fins which have a long blade that is designed to increase leg strength and provides speed as well with it. Also made up of soft, natural rubber for your comfort.

Ability: with the strength to legs it also provides buoyancy which lifts legs to the surface which makes it easier for swimmers to come in the correct body position. And the best part is that these are great for any age and floats in fresh as well as saltwater.


Long blade increases leg strength and provides speed

Buoyancy helps swimmers in body position

Great for all ages

Floats in fresh and salt water both

Made of soft, natural rubber


Great for kid swimmers

Long blade helps in strength and speed


Some sizes in this product maybe an issue

Conclusion: if you are looking for long fins that helps in leg strength and speed with provided comfort then this is the best product to go for. Also recommended by swim coaches for kids, as it is a mandatory tool which helps them to learn. Trusted and recommended by the most.

DaFin Black Swimfins

DaFin Zak Noyle Blue Light Blue Swimfins for Bodysurfing - Large

The fins are the most comfortable fins in the world created by Andy Cochran. It gives the top performance for lifeguards and bodysurfers. Most popular fin around the world.


Long with no foot specification: these are long fins that offer strength and speed to all swimmers. The best part of the fins is that these are not specific to the left or right foot. These can be worn on any foot.

Specific water: these long fins can only float in specific water and that is saltwater. No other water is suitable for this.


Long fins

Provides strength and speed

No specific foot design, can be worn in any

Floats in salt water

Great for all kinds of swimmers


Efficient in swimming on larger waves

Offers range of colours to choose from

Good combination flexible rubber and rigid/harder rubber

Light in weight and easy to carry


Does not evacuate sand really well

Not one solution for all, ca be used for specific water sport only

Conclusion: these fins are endorsed by the United States Lifesaving Association and are considered best fins in long fins. These are lightweight so easy to carry by anyone and no specification makes it a popular one too. If you want a long fin for salt water then these stiff wide blade fin are the perfect match for you. Just keep in mind the size chart before your buy.

STEALTH PRO Swim Fins Medium Black 7-8.5


Another high-performance providing all features fin and that lives up to the name of the foundation of Stealth that is, style, efficiency, power, and comfort.


Angled blade: the fin has a unique angled blade that is designed to provide for maximum thrust and acceleration. Right and left fins also allow for max thrust with min effort to be put in.

Soft Foot Pockets: this feature of the fin has another great feature of stealth drainage system allowing sand and broken shells to wash out.

Finest Rubber: the original shape of the fin is made from the finest Malaysian rubber that provides for optimum power and projection.


Soft foot pocket

Stealth drainage system

Angled blade

Maximum thrust and acceleration

Finest rubber for power and projection


Best fin and stand up to its name and foundations


Nothing is found out as such

Conclusion: it is great fin with the all the necessary features. A perfect match if you need a medium size fin.

U.S. Divers Proflex Diving Fins, blue, large 9.5-11.5

U.S. Divers Proflex Diving Fins l, Blue, Large 9 5-11 5

Coming from the same brand as the first product in this list this fin is another great product. This is a product living up to its brand name.


Blade: this fin features a dual-composite blade that offers excellent snap, power, and styling. These are famous as the popular snorkeling fin.

Abilities: super-soft and comfortable foot pockets are there with an adjustable strap to fit perfectly. Its compact length is great as a travel snorkeling fin but it also acts as a multi-purpose fin for other water sport activities.


Dual-composite fin blade

Super-soft comfortable foot pocket with adjustable strap

Compact length

Popular as snorkeling fins

Multi-purpose as a fin


Lightweight and easy to pack

Amazing diving fins and as training fins


Sometimes causes blisters

Conclusion: these fins are great and live up to all the features that they offer and are very efficient and great multi-purpose.

Kiefer Training Swim Fins

Kiefer 800400-F Tranning Swim Fins, Womens 11 13 Mens 9 11 Navy

These are another great product which offers great features for all kinds of people who wants to enjoy water sports. If you are looking for some great training swim fins, then this is the perfect option for you.


Blade: The blade of the fin is short, curved and firm which improves efficiency and develops kick strength with not overtraining the muscles which allow the learner swimmers to focus on the mechanisms of kicks. These are unisex fins designed for both.

Abilities: there is a foot pocket that is soft, flexible and comfortable. For hours they can be used in pools. These fins are made up for swim workouts and training.  These are easy to take on and off and easily float to the pool surface to easily collect them.


Soft, flexible and comfortable foot pocket

Great for swim trainings and workouts

Unisex fins

Short, curved and firm blade

Easy on and off

Floats easily


Great for training

Lightweight and well-build

Comfortable and fit extremely well


Floats so well that causes some problems staying under water

Conclusion: the fins are good fit for anyone who wants to train and workout in the water.

Churchill Makapuu Fins

Churchill Makapuu Fins Blue

These fins are unique in themselves and are another of the amazing product to buy if you need fins. It provides great maneuverability and propulsion. BC Surf And Sports team highly recommends this fin.


Multi-purpose: this fin is not just for body surfing but can be used for various water activities like it is perfect for catching waves irrespective of whether you are bodyboarding, swimming, bodysurfing or in a tight space snorkeling act. It works for casual swimmers as well. From beginners to pro’s everyone and anyone can use it.

Abilities: the fins provide optimum power and acceleration with control over waves and that is why famous with many professionals. It has a patented Dolphin arc design which gives maneuverability and propulsion. They provide a good amount of thrust while still comfortable. The rubber covering for your foot is soft for comfortability and while the rubber found on the blade is stiff for more kick power.


Patented dolphin arc shape

Optimum control on waves

Great acceleration and power

Good amount of thrust with comfortability

Rubber covering is soft and comfortable for your foot

Rubber on the blade is stiff and provides more kick power


Best heel strap and UV resistant

Lightweight and quick


Uncomfortable and inflexible


Conclusion: these are great fins if you are looking for something that offers control and maneuverability in the water.

CONCLUSION: fins are the tools that will help you train, workout your muscles without straining them and also increase your speed, if chosen right. Otherwise will just cause you problems. So hope you went through the blog thoroughly as it helps you to gain a lot of perspective over buying fins and what are the best products and what is the perfect match to you according to your needs. All your queries related to fins are answered.


Bodyboadring VS Boogie Boarding

Well if you are a person that has come across these terms and remains confused or conflicted still then don’t worry most people are in the same boat as you. Let’s discover it.

Bodyboarding is a water sport just as surfing but in this sport, the surfer rides the way while lying on the board rather than standing. In this, the surfer rides on the crest, face or the curl of the wave that is the swell of the wave. It is a sport that can be easily learned by any age group. It is easier than surfing and gives you the same feeling.

Bodyboadring VS Boogie Boarding

Bodyboarding is many times referred to as Boogie Boarding, it is because of the invention of a board which is called Boogie Board by Tom Morey. Earlier the sport was learned and practiced just by the professionals. It was not a fun sport just to enjoy a day in the water. But slowly with time intrusion was made through a new type of boards with people just practicing on it for fun. But slowly the acceptance came and even professionals caved in for seeing amateurs having the fun of the sport in their local spots.

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Actually there is quite a story for the boogie board to come around amongst people. Tom in 1971 footled about with foam, a newspaper, a knife, and iron, and build it into a board which he did not name it. His initial inclination was towards the name S.N.A.K.E according to the acronym of the parts of the body used to ride the board but the idea was flushed down the toilet after his interaction with the ladies in his circle. Being a huge jazz fanatic and himself a drummer he then went to seek help from jazz. So the name’s inspiration arose from the style of jazz “Boogie Woogie” and hence he called it “Morey Boogie” but when the boards started selling in huge amounts it changed to “Boogie Board”. But for him, it still remains the same.

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Since the demand of the board increased and he couldn’t handle it, so tom sold the brand to Kransco. The company then completely marketed and trademarked the name “Boogie Board” and no one could use this name. So the companies that came after it had a difficult time in accordance with name. It is still unknown as to which company came with the name Bodyboard but even the professionals liked it because this name was more attractive and not ridiculing in itself. After the popularity of the name, even the Morey Company started to name their high-end boards as “Morey Boogie Bodyboard”.

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Now, after such a long time different versions of boards have come out with their new unique name basing their invention on tom’s invention only. But since it was the first of its kind many people still refer to a Bodyboard as a “Boogie Board” irrespective of the brand or the board. So the difference between the two is just the name being called by a person, otherwise, they are one and the same.

Though there are some contradictions as to relate to boards that the “Boogie Board” can be found with any general retail shop that sells cheap foam boards but as far as the Bodyboard goes, it can only be found at surf shops that sell expensive manufactured products for surfing. Also, some people have assumptions that if you are passionate about bodyboarding and wanted to learn it than you should opt for bodyboards but if you want to have just some fun in the water than that too periodically and are not really serious about the sports than opt for Boogie board. Especially for kids and beginners, it is good and cost-effective.

Big 5 Boogie Boards

THURSO SURF Lightning 42'' Bodyboard Package PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Durable Lightweight Includes Double Stainless Steel Swivels Leash and LUX Bodyboard Bag

Boogie board is also known as bodyboarding is famous water activity. Tom Morey is the inventor of bodyboard in 1971 in Southern California. This sport is getting more popular in recent days because of easy to practice. It is adaptable from the beginner to professional surfers within a few days of riding. This is inexpensive than surfing board and safer to ride sport. It also offers greater health benefits and improves fitness levels.

Generally, the equipment used for the bodyboarding is a boogie board, a leash, a wetsuit or a rash guard and fins. Here the selection of boogie board is not an easy task. There is a wide range of bodyboards available in the market with respect to various designs, material, sizes, colors, and latest features. Initially, users will be attracted by the vibrant colors and end up buying undesirable bodyboard.

Before selecting the boogie board, the purpose of the rider will play a key role. The purpose will always vary from user to user based on size, the material used and the shape of the board. The manufacturing companies are also releasing different models in advanced features.

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Buyers view:

Picking an ideal bodyboard is a dream for many surfers. The perfect bodyboard always comes with a better benefit like greater maneuverability and high performance. Different models in the market will lead to a lot of confusion for the surfers. To avoid confusion, we must look into details of various parameters like size, material, and shape. In the below lines description of parameters is addressed with the latest trend in the market.

  1. Material: Material of the bodyboard will decide the performance and the water condition in which the board is used. Polyethylene foam (PE) or dow, and Polypropylene foam (PP) are the two-material used for the manufacturing of bodyboard in the present days. These materials exhibit distinct properties like polyethylene is a greater pick for cold water surfer and it is super flexible and heavier in weight. Polypropylene is good for warm water, stronger and lighter in weight. The sandwich structure of PP and PE is also used for the construction of boogie boards.
  2. Shape: The shape of the bodyboard will determine the maneuverability and comfort. The counter is designed specifically for quick response, flexibility, heavier landing, and big dives. The tail shape will also play an important role in performance and control. Crescent and bat shape are main tail counters trending in the market. Because of its wider shape crescent tail is faster and more stable in any water bodies. Bat tail will develop less drag and exhibits more speed even in a smaller wave.
  3. Size: The size of the bodyboard will have a major impact on performance. The selection of the bodyboard is done by considering the weight and height of the rider. The perfect bodyboard based on height is fit from knee to the chin and wider board for the heavier riders.

Here, we listed out the big boogie boards available in the market for the taller and heavier riders. The basic parameters like shape, material, and size are taken into consideration. Performances, maneuverability, comfort, type of water usage and price range are also addressed.

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1. Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board, 42″

The Wham-O is the most trusted brand in the boogie board manufacturing field. Morey Mach 7 is a classic design and high-quality board that is specifically designed for beginners. This is a highly durable bodyboard and resilience against bumps and scrapes. The streamlined polyethylene will provide greater maneuverability and sliding over the face of the waves.

Wham O Mach 7 Body Board 42


i. Dimensions: This larger Morey board comes with the dimensions of 42 x 22 x 2.5 inches. This will comfortable for beginners and children.

ii. Material: The Dow polyethylene and one stringer rod from a dual composite carbon are used for the construction of the bodyboard. The material has a salient feature like higher strength, durable and lightweight.

iii. Shape: The crescent tail shape allows the rider for maximum performances and provides maximum buoyancy in any water conditions. The rail 50/50 traditional design is used.


1. Price of the bodyboard is inexpensive.

2. It is lightweight.

3. It will exhibit desirable performance in different water conditions.

4. The structure will provide greater maneuverability.


1. The leash is not pre-installed.



The Polyethylene core has a greater amount of flex and gives you better performance in the waves. The high-density polyethylene channeled slick bottom will provide you greater control. The board is also available only in two different colors.



 2. THURSO SURF Lightning 42” Bodyboard Package PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Durable Lightweight Includes Double Stainless Steel Swivels Leash and LUX Bodyboard Bag.

THURSO SURF Lightning 42'' Bodyboard Package PE Core IXPE Deck HDPE Slick Bottom Durable Lightweight Includes Double Stainless Steel Swivels Leash and LUX Bodyboard Bag

The Thurso surfboard is the best choice for the beginners and professional riders. This bodyboard comes with luxuries package of required accessories. The board has a standard size of 42 inches which will fit perfectly for adults. The deck of the board is about 4mm thick provides a decent amount of cushioning. The pack includes a double stainless-steel swivels leash.



i. Dimensions: This board comes with a size of 42 x 21.5 x 2.125 inches which is suitable for adults.

ii. Material: The Rigid Polyethylene (PE) as core and 2 FRP stringers are used for the construction of the board and it makes the board floatable and lightweight. The high-density polyethylene slick bottom provides the board stronger and stiffer.

iii. Shape: The heat laminated and sealed deck is made from the high-density polyethylene foam, which will not delaminate easily. The crescent tail shape will provide better stability and greater maneuverability.


1. The board comes with affordable price.

2. The maneuverability of the board is easy.

3. The material of the board made the structure more durable.

4. The package comes with all required accessories.



1. Size is only suitable for adults.

Conclusion: This adaptable bodyboard is suitable for beginners and provides greater stability. It is specifically designed for excellent performance in all water conditions. The board has a strong deck and bottom skin will also exhibit maximum speed. The material of the board is durable which will last for many years. The price range of the board is also reasonable.


3. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

The Bo-Toys boogie board is an ideal board for the beginners and children because of lightweight, stylish and compact design. It is designed with heat lamination technology, which makes the board more durable. The leash and wristband attached to the board is higher quality. The board also comes as a fully assembled and varieties of colors are available like blue, red, pink and green.

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core (BLUE, 33-INCH)


i. Dimensions: The board comes in two different sizes 33 and 41 inches. This is comfortable for adults and children.

ii. Material: EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is used for the construction of the core and High-Density Polyethylene (HPDE) is used for the slick bottom of the boogie board.

iii. Shape: The heat lamination technology used for deck makes the material more durable and stable. The crescent tail and 60/40 rails will make the body board easy maneuverable and stable for surfing.


1. It is more durable.

2. Excellent control and maneuverability.

3. Suitable for taller and heavier riders.

4. It is lightweight and easy to port.

5. The wide range of colors available.


1. The graphic on the board may fade.

2. It may experience bubbles on the board.

Conclusion: The boogie board comes with fully assembled and ready to use. The wristband attached is a pro-quality leash, it won’t make you lose your board. The board comes with a total guarantee and faulty board will be replaced quickly.


  1. California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard (44-Inch) (Colors May Vary)

The California board company is the oldest bodyboard manufacturer. This board is the better option for the taller or heavier adults because of its broad and lengthy size. The counter of the deck is molded and the feature helps the rider to hold the board for a longer duration. The designed increased the comfort and armrest on the surface of the board.

California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard (44-Inch) (Colors May Vary)


i. Dimensions:  The product dimensions of the board 44 x 23 x 2.75 inches, which is larger board and comfortable for taller and larger weight riders.

ii. Material: The core material of the bodyboard is constructed from waterproof EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). The HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is used for the slick bottom of the board.

iii. Shape: The counter of the deck is molded which increases the comfort and armrest. The crescent tail will add advantage for more comfort and better control.


1. The board is durable.

2. It is a lightweight construction.

3. It offers better control and greater maneuverability.

4. The arm locked leash will not let you lose the board.

5. The Dual swivel coil wrist leash.


1. Only limited colors are available.

2. Available in only one size.


if you’re looking for a bodyboard of larger size in an affordable price range, this product will be the better option. The board comes with thumb blub and dual swivel pro-style coil wrist leash will be providing better maneuverability and greater comfort.

5. Morey Cruiser 42.5″ Body Board

Morey Cruiser 42.5 Body Board


The Morey Cruiser is one the bestselling entry-level bodyboard and it is considered as most effective and durable bodyboard. The size board is suitable for beginner and professional riders. The board design will enable riding for prone, drop knee and stand up. It also comes in four different colors like blue, yellow, orange and assorted.


i. Dimensions: The board comes with dimensions of 44 x 21.6 x 2.4 inches. This is convenient for beginner and intermediate riders.

ii. Material: The board is made High-Density PhuzionTM polystyrene core and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) slick bottom. The structure is lightweight, flexible and durable.

iii. Shape: The high-quality heat laminated structure will allow riding on belly, knees and standing up. The crescent tail shape is an added advantage for higher speed.


1. The board is lightweight.

2. It is durable.

3. Ride on belly; knee and standing up can be done.

4. Crescent will provide greater maneuverability.


1. Cost of the board is expensive.

Conclusion: This versatile bodyboard is value for money because of its usage and durability. The IXL material is used on top skin and rail for greater fluid motion and better grip for riders. It also comes with a wrist leash for the better holding of the board.


Final Conclusion:

In this article, we have listed out the top 5 bigger bodyboards which are trending in the market. The salient basic features of boards like shape, size and material are taken into account. The performance oriented parameters are also considered for the evaluation of the bodyboard. The professional advice is taken into consideration, but the selection of the always depends on the user preference and usage style. From the above evaluation, the user can select the best bodyboard which suitable for her/his ride.

Best Bodyboards For Adults

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

What brings the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster ride, a race car ride or extreme water sports? You may have guessed it right, “Bodyboarding”. And as is the case for all sports, bodyboarding also needs a certain number of tools. For bodyboarding, it’s a chariot which uses waves as wings, helping you climb on each crest and through letting the waves take you with them through a short but adventurous ride, called as a bodyboard.

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Bodyboards are for people who want to do surfing comfortably, you could also call the bodyboard as a shorter version of a surfboard as it is usually much shorter (38 to 43 inches) than the surfboard. There are basically three forms of riding a bodyboard, riding prone on your stomach, drop knee ride and standing up bodyboard.

Bodyboards uses different kinds of foams for manufacturing; the two most widely and commonly used are polypropylene foams and polyethylene foams. Polypropylene is stronger and lighter than polyethylene but is more expensive as it is the advanced version of the Polyethylene. The other three things that should be considered while buying a bodyboard are stringer, tail, and rocker.

A bodyboard stringer is a tube or rod that is inserted in the bodyboard’s core to give extra strength. The stringers help to spring back in any extreme wave rides. Bodyboards will not have fins, so the tail part is important for stabilizing in the most critical moments and maneuvers – 360s, carving turns, airs, etc.

Selection of bodyboard:

It can be confusing sometimes while trying to choose the right board. A bodyboard is one of the most exciting waves riding vehicles imaginable. It can become a very useful item to have on your days to the beach. That is why it is very important to choose wisely as a board that isn’t right for you may leave you unsatisfied and frustrated. Everyone has their own style of bodyboarding and their own way of balancing his or her body when riding the waves. And there are a lot of differences between the designs of different manufacturers which in turn means that each board performs in its own unique way.

We are going to list out a couple of things that can help you to decide which bodyboard to buy and what traits you should look for, to identify the right board for your purpose.

  1. Size – When choosing a new bodyboard size is the most important element to consider. Your performance depends on both height and weight. Catching waves is an art that needs the perfect tool to go with it, and the size of the board needs to be just right for you to maneuver yourself. When going to choose the board to measure the board with your body vertically, the top of the board should come to your hip or bellybutton.
  2. Buoyancy – When you have more bodyweight or when you are surfing on weaker waves, the board you choose should be designed to have buoyancy for such conditions. Most of the people make the mistake of picking a longer board to get better buoyancy. But instead, you should choose a wider template, a wider tail, and a thicker core, for adding buoyancy. Bigger riders are better off with wider boards which will give you more flotation.
  3. Board types: If you are a heavier rider medium width boards will need a much more effort to be pushed in the wave even though medium width boards are generally good allrounders. Narrow boards do not perform well in the smaller and weaker surf but are known to be the fastest. They also prove to be harder when trying to pull off moves at slower speeds. You can hold the board on its edge and look down its rail, make sure the board is nice and flat for narrow boards.

Given below is a list of 7 best bodyboards that you can use to find out the best bodyboard for you in the market.

  1. Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash for Kids and Adults

If you are looking for a bodyboard that is well-made and comes with amazing specifications and made of a durable and lightweight material, then this is the brand for you. The Lucky Bums Body Board is manufactured for having fun at the beach, river or waterpark doing tricks on waves and getting your fix of adrenaline.

Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core Slick Bottom and Leash for Kids and Adults

Key facts:

  1. This board is lightweight which makes it easy to take it to and from the beach.
  2. This board is very versatile and can be used by virtually all kinds of riders as it comes in 3 different sizes and various colors.
  3. The board is made rigid and durable by the EPS core attached to it. The EPS core also adds buoyancy and helps the rider to have better control of the board.
  4. This board also contains extra protection as it contains a built-in leash mount and a leash.
  5. It is made of high-density polyethylene bottom which enables the rider to have increased speed, strength and more maneuverability.

Few special features:

  1. The design of the board is stylish.
  2. It has a stout and tough structure.
  3. The leash will be providing better protection.
  1. The core material made the board more durable.
  2. It is most suitable for kids and adults.
  3. The structure is lightweight and sturdy.
  4. It has greater maneuverability and stable performance.
  1. There is a minor issue with leash attachment.
  2. The price of the board is a bit higher.


The best guarantee that this board will last you for a long time and it has an amazing lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect. This is indeed a great deal, and what makes it even better is all the amazing attributes of the board. The customer service from the board manufacturer is also something that adds merit to the customers. In the end, this board seems to be the best value for money features and amazing attributes which make it stand out from the rest.



  1. 662 Sixsixtwo Splash Bodyboard, 36-Inch (Colors Vary)

People who are beginners in the sport of bodyboarding should look up this board as it is the best board for newbies. This board will help to maintain well balanced on the board while riding swells and thus resulting in a smaller number of wipe-outs. It is very noticeably easy-to-use for beginners who are trying to start out and many of its features are built so that it gives confidence to the newbies to challenge themselves further.

662 Sixsixtwo Splash Bodyboard, 36-Inch (Colors Vary)

Key facts:

  1. The board will be stable and ride will be easy to maneuver in any water conditions.
  2. The flexible deck moves as rider desires in strong waves, it is also giving you a firm grip while riding on the waves.
  3. A tough EPS core ensures that the board has a strong flex rating and gives you more balance in the water.
  4. Its crescent-shaped tail gives beginners the confidence to ride bigger waves as it holds and supports the rider’s body.
  5. The top is made denser by the crosslink deck material which makes sure the top doesn’t dip much when the waves break.
  6. The board is connected to the rider using a wrist leash which keeps the board closed and doesn’t let it float away.

Few special features:

  1. The epic EPS Core material is strong.
  2. The wave deck cross-link structure on the top deck of the board.

iii. The slick bottom channels will exhibit smooth flow.

  1. It has a fine grip while riding.
  2. The board is more stable and easier to control.
  3. The crosslinked structure has greater stiffness.
  4. It comes with a good quality wrist leash.
  1. Performance of the board needs to improve.
  2. Only limited sizes are available.


For those looking to show off the personality on a fun-filled day at the beach, it comes in a variety of colors, and it is the perfect board to start out for a newbie. It is available at a great price which makes it an even more amazing product.


3, Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board

Wham-O Mach 7 is another board that can be taken by the newbies. Wham-O is a well-known and highly used manufacturer in the bodyboarding industry. The channeled slick bottom will slide over the waves and provides better navigation. Wham-O Mach 7 is one of their trademark boards that have been expertly designed for beginners.

Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board, 42_ _ Bodyboards _ Sports & Outdoors

Key facts:

  1. Its fast flex and recoil help to handle any wave without limiting the speed of the board.
  2. The polyethylene core makes the board incredibly sturdy and lightweight.
  3. The performance of the board is increased due to its crescent-shaped tail.
  4. The board has been shaped in manner, where the beginners get the confidence to move on more stable in the advanced waves.
  5. The board maintains high buoyancy allowing you to ride through waves at a fast pace and with less wipeout.
  6. The high-quality HPDE material makes the board very efficient, durable and lightweight.

Few special features:

  1. The power rod stringer on the board will be providing more stiffness.
  2. It has a Channeled bottom and crescent tail.
  3. The polyethylene core is used.
  1. The board is lightweight.
  2. It comes with an affordable price tag.
  3. It has greater durability and maneuverability.
  4. Board performance is also desirable.
  1. The Leash given with the board is not pre-installed.


The two bright amazing colors are available and it is easily visible. It is one of the classic boards in the market and the name Wham-O itself should instill confidence in you enough to buy the product. The amazing build quality of the board makes it one of the best products in the market. The less weight of the board makes it easy to transport. The versatility of the board is remarkable and can be used to ride almost any kind of wave.

  1. 42-inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard

42 inch Ultimate Hard Slick Bottom Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard_Boogie

This bodyboard is one of the WaveMaster series bodyboards. These boards are designed for people who have been bodyboarding regularly. This board has been specially designed for producing the ultimate performance. The quality of the board makes sure that the rider moves at great speed and also ensures the longevity of the board.

Key facts:

  1. It is mainly used by drop riders due to its crescent-shaped tail and also used for prone riding for maximum stability.
  2. The high-density core makes it more balanced and flexible. The high strength of the board makes it more suitable buy for regular use.
  3. Water is prevented from infiltrating into the core by the polyethylene top skin with unique heat seal bonding to the core. This advanced technic made the board super strong.
  4. The board shape will help to turbulence reduce turbulence and it can hold through grooved slots at the bottom of the board.

Few key features:

  1. The weight of the board is 2.6 lbs.
  2. It is impact resistant and durable.
  3. 3. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) will give greater comfort.
  1. The board is convenient for drop knee and prone riding.
  2. The material used for the board is lightweight.
  3. It is durable.
  4. Board is suitable for warm and cold-water conditions.
  1. Board stiffness needs to improve.
  2. It is available only in one size.


This board is suitable for both warm and cold water and can be used in the water of any moderate temperature. This board is recommended for riders who are 66 to 72 inches and weigh around 145 to 180 lbs. There is also no danger of the board floating away as there is a built-in padded and adjustable retention wrist leash that keeps the board close to the body.


  1. Body Board – #1 Professional Series Hard Slick Bottom Bodyboard & Leash – Best New 2018 Wave Pro

Body Boards - Professional Series Slick Bottom Body Board - Heat Se

Heat Sealed BLZ Legendary Lucky Body Boards – 3 Styles 6 Colors 4 Sizes

The Pro series bodyboard is the perfect choice for beginners and professional riders. This board is available in all sizes to fit the different age groups. The board is extremely lightweight, easy to control and better performance is also possible. Strong waves can be controlled aerodynamically because of bat tip. The board is manufactured from the best material, it will prevent bubbling.

Key facts

  1. The board is available in different sizes of 33, 37, 41 and 44 inches. Which will be comfortable for adults and kids of any age group.
  2. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core is used, which gives high performance and a good floating ability for the board.
  3. The XPE deck will provide a smooth surface and helps in comfortable riding.
  4. The heat-sealed treatment is performed for the layer of the board to prevent the infiltrating of water into the core. This technic will also prevent bubble formation on the board.
  5. Board is durable and lightweight; the slick bottom is hard and water resistance. The crescent tail and bat tip tail shape are also an added advantage for comfort, speed, and performance.

Few special features :

  1. Boards are available in both bat tip tail and crescent tail.
  2. There is a total of 6 color variants are available.
  3. It has built-in wrist leash keep the board close to the rider.
  1. Board is lightweight, comfortable and durable.
  2. It has an adjustable leash.
  3. A lot of color variants are available.
  4. It comes in an affordable price range.
  1. There is a chance of bubbling.


These boards are crafted by expert bodyboarders in a reasonable price range. It is the best fit for all types of waves and water conditions. The manufactures used the bat tip tail and crescent tail for a different board, which is an advantage for the rider to choose based on their requirement. The board is also extremely light and exhibits strong performance and total control in any waves.


  1. Younger 37 inch Super Bodyboard with IXPE Deck, Perfect Surfing

Younger 37 inch Super Bodyboard with IXPE deck, Perfect surfing _ S

This bodyboard is well designed for performance-driven riders and a premium choice for the kids. The high-quality material helps in performance and control of the board in any water conditions. The compact look of the board will attract kids, and it’s also lightweight, easy maneuver and faster. The board comes in a reasonable price tag and suitable for kids and adults.

Key facts:

  1. These 37 inches bodyboard comes in two different colors for the user’s choice and adds extra fun to the rider.
  2. The board is built with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core and it has an ability to resist impact.
  3. The featured IXPE deck construction makes the board smooth, ridge and suitable for all types of rides.
  4. For combing the layer of board material a heat lamination seal technic is used, which will be durable and super strong for different water conditions.
  5. The high-quality HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) slick bottom with channels will be useful for better maneuverability, stable and holds fine grip.
  6. The crescent tail and 60/40 rails allow for comfortable ride and easy maneuverability.

Few special features:

  1. Board can resistant both cold and heat conditions.
  2. 60/40 rail is used for better construction.
  3. It also has a comfortable grip pad.
  1. Board is impact resistant.
  2. It is durable and lightweight.
  3. The Streamlined design will slide on water.
  4. Cost of the board is affordable.
  1. It is only suitable for kids
  2. weight capable of the board is less.


This stylish outlook super bodyboard is an ideal board for kids. It has a comfortable surface and channeled bottom will produce greater performance and maneuverability. The stable crescent tail will make rider work easier. Price of the board is also reasonable and it is value for money bodyboard.

  1. BPS Storm Bodyboard – Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

The BPS storm bodyboard one of the best-selling board in the market. The pack of the board consists of premium coiled leash and tethers swim fins. It is a lightweight, water-resistant and durable structure because of the material. The adaptable crescent tail shape is perfect for riding positions like stand up and drop knee. The bottom of the board channeled for better maneuverability.

BPS Storm Bodyboard - Includes Premium Coiled Leash and Swim Fin Tethers (Single Board)

Key facts:

  1. This bodyboard comes in three different sizes of 33”, 37” and 41” inches. Which will be suitable for adults and kids.
  2. The board super lightweight and greater comfortable because of the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) used for the core construction.
  3. The high-speed slick bottom and rear channeled bottom of the board are made from extremely lightweight and high-performance material for better control in strong waves.
  4. For greater maneuverability, the tail shape will play an important role. The crescent tail is well known for bodyboard in any water condition.
  5. It comes with a complete warranty of 12 months, which can be replaced if any defects in the board.

Few Key Features:

  1. The sleek design is comfortable for adults and kids.
  2. It has a lighter and stronger slick bottom.
  3. The premium coiled leash and swim fin are free.
  1. The quality of the product is appreciable.
  2. It comes with a reasonable price tag.
  3. The size of the boards will fit all age groups.
  4. The installation of the board can be done easily.
  5. The board is lightweight and durable.
  6. It will exhibit desirable performance.
  1. It is not desirable for strong waves.
  2. The board is not too much faster bodyboard.


The extra equipment’s coiled leash and swim fin will be an added advantage for the bodyboard. With these faster and controllable can be achieved. It also helps the rider to stick to the board in different wave conditions. The installation process can be done easily with a print instruction manual provided with the bodyboard. The board is also coming with a complete guarantee of 12 months.


Final Conclusion:

Selecting the bodyboard for adults is not an easy job. In this article, we made your work easier by considering the key parameters. The detail view of the parameters is addressed and the best board available in the market is considered. The material used, the size of the board and shape are also explained with advantages. Performance, controllability, comfort, and speed of the board in different waters and waves are also inscribed. Professional advice and customer reviews are also considered. Here, the supreme authority for the selection of board will on the user and his/her requirements.

Best Body surfing fins

DaFin Black Swimfins

Water surfing is the funniest and most thrilling water sport around the world. Surfing is performed by using a floatable structure like a bodyboard, surfboard, and skimboard or without any buoyant devices. The activity in which floating devices are not used is called bodysurfing. It is not easy to surf with the body, and consumes a lot of energy and becomes difficult to surf for a longer duration. To add the extra mile to your bodysurfing experience bodysurfing fins are used. These fins act as an extension to your body, which makes your wave riding experience easy. The perfect body surfing fins will help you to get the desired speed and take off in the wave ride.

The most important parameters for the bodysurfing fins are comfort and performance. Comfort will be the main concern, if a size of the fin is not fitting, your ride will be a complete disaster. The bigger size fin will fall off while riding on waves. A smaller size will not provide a better riding experience. Perfect fitting fin will give you greater riding experience. Performance is the only reason to wear bodysurf fins. It will maximize the propelling power of the rider.

Selection of bodysurfing fin:

Before choosing the right bodysurfing fin, you need to consider a certain point. Material, size, comfort, and performance are the basic requirement for selecting ideal bodysurfing fin. Now a day’s manufacturers are also coming with different models. The usage of advanced materials, standard and perfect fitting size and improved shape to increase the performance. Here, we will be discussing the basic parameter as follows.

1. Material:

Most of the bodysurfing fins are made up of rubber and silicon-based T-form material. These materials have own advantages and disadvantages based on usage. As everyone knows that rubber is a floatable material, owing fins that can able to float will make it spot easier when it fell while riding the waves. The T-form material doesn’t have a tendency of floating but gives you greater comfort.

2. Size:

When a rider starts thinking about the comfort, he/she will end talking about the size of a fin. Generally, fins are only coming of smaller, middle and bigger sizes. It is like three sizes fit for all. In present days manufacturers are processing with a different size. This will fit for all age groups and foot size.
In this article, we have formulated the best bodysurfing fins available in the market. Brands are coming up with different models, sizes, comfort, performance, and vibrant colors. The features of the fins are changing with respect to the manufacturers. By considering the above point the following are shortlisted.

1. DaFin Black Swimfins

DaFin is the most trusted brand in the bodysurfing fin industry. It was developed by Andy Cochran in Hawaii and the only fin which is endorsed by the US Lifesaving Association. This will provide greater performance for bodysurfing and lifeguards. Fins are also available in a variety of colors like black, green, green camo, pink/white, black/red, lt. blue/navy, Rasta, makai blue, blue/light blue, gray/orange, navy/yellow, red/white/blue. But, few colors are not available with respect to sizes.

DaFin Black Swimfins



i. Size and comfort:

DaFin is available in a greater number of sizes starting from XXS (1-2) to XXL (15-16). These sizes will fit all age groups. It can be used on either side of the foot. This is the comfort fin available in the market, and also fits very tight and comfortable for riding.

ii. Material:

Malaysian natural rubber is used for the construction of this fin. The foot pocket on the top and strap are flexible and soft. It also helps the fin to float when it fell off from the rider’s foot.

iii. Performance:

This fin will give greater user experience and higher performance in all kinds of water conditions. There is a hole in the middle of the bottom foot pocket that will help drain out the debris. The strakes on the top side of the fin will maximize the control and power in each kick.



1. It generates a greater amount of power.
2. It can float in water.
3. Available in different varieties of colors and sizes.
4. The material made the fin study.


1. The drain hole is in middle of the fin.
2. Price is a little expensive.



This fin will provide greater comfort and power while riding in different water conditions. The drain hole in the middle of the bottom foot pocket will not drain all the debris that gets into the fin. The price is also expensive as compare will similar products.

2. Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins

The Voit fin is started in the early 1950s, they design different fins, which are available in the market. The Duck feet swim fins is a well-known product because of its longer blades. For greater power and comfort. It is hydrodynamically designed. These fins are available in only three colors black, blue/green and red/yellow.

Voit Duck Feet Swim Fins


i. Size and comfort:

these duck feet swim fins are also available in a different variant of sizes beginning from XX-small (1-3) to XX-Large (11-13). These are a long-lasting pair of fins available in the market. It also has a softer rubber foot and a stuff blade which will be steady and performs great in the different water conditions.

ii. Material:

The dual-density rubber is used for the construction of the fins. This material provides full floating after loosening in the water. It has non-marking soles and provides better comfort.

iii. Performance:

With the help of hydrodynamic design, it will provide greater power with minimum effort from the rider. The dual-density material helps instability and control of the fin. The design will eliminate torque on your speed.



1. Easily to get extra power while riding.
2. Design helps in better efficiency.
3. The material made the structural steadier.
4. The blade is also stiffer.


1. A lesser number of colors is available.
2. Price is not reasonable.



The high-quality material used in the fin will give greater riding experience. The hydrodynamic design will provide steady and powered riding in any water conditions. it is one of the ideal fins for the rider for a longer duration.

3. Churchill Makapuu Swimfins

The iconic Churchill Makapuu Swim fins are designed like a dolphin arc structure, which is ideal for the bodysurfers. Most of the fins may scratch your feet and few are comfortable but performance won’t be desirable. To counter all these drawbacks the Churchill swim fins are well-balanced fins for bodysurfing.

Churchill Makapuu Swimfins



i. Size and comfort:

The fin comes with a size range of small (5-6.5) to XL (13-14.5). The optimum design will help in comfortable fitting and avoid cuts, scratches on your foot.

ii. Material:

Natural gum rubber material is used for the construction and it’s 100% eco-friendly. The fin is more stable and produces greater power because of rubber is a stuffer.

iii. Performance:

The rubber on the blades is stuffer, which produces power for the easy kick. The softer rubber covering the foot will give better comfort. Maneuverability is also possible easily because of its compact design.


1. It can be used in various water conditions.
2. The neoprene fin pad gives you greater comfort.
3. Good amount of thrust will be produced with its stiffer blades.


1. Only a single color is available.
2. Limited sizes are available.



The patent dolphin arc shape will accelerate more power in all types of water conditions. The inner material in the fin is comfortable for longer duration riders. This is a complete package for the bodysurfing ride, who likes to experience the luxury ride.

4. STEALTH Swim Fins – Choose Color and Size

This Australian based company became most popular in recent years for its finest bodysurfing fins. The fin model looks similar to the Churchill fins, but a lot of changes in the drain holes and colors. The arc of the fin looks like the old dolphin arc. It has greater stability and performance in any type of water conditions.

Stealth Swim Fins - Choose Color and Size



i. Size and comfort:

The fin sizes are changing from small (4.5-6) to X-Large (13-14.5). It also comes in three different colors like classic orange, classic sun gold/grey, and black. Because of the fin blade shape, each foot has a specific fin, it means left foot fin and right foot fin are different. The soft foot pocket has a unique stealth drainage system that allow debris to wash out.

ii. Material:

The high quality Malaysian natural rubber is used for the construction of fin. The fin can float because of material tendency. It also generates ideal power and greater maneuverability.

iii. Performance:

The dolphin arc blade is angled in such a way to provides maximum thrust and speed. These are medium high-powered fins, which are also comfortable while paddling out in the waves. The stiffer blade made the fin more stable and comfortable to maneuver.



1. Maneuverability can be done easily.
2. Fin blades are stiffer.
3. The foot pocket is comfortable.


1. Sizes of the fins are limited.
2. The product is a little expensive.



This classic fin is suitable for all types of water conditions. It will accelerate and produce maximum thrust while riding out in the waves. The natural rubber used in the fin is comfortable and paddling can be done easily.


5. Ally ERS4 Swim Fins


Ally ERS4 Swim Fins2

Ally swim fins are one of the best fins producing companies in the world. This company specifically design fins for bodyboarding, bodysurfing and swimming. The ERS 4 swim fin is used for bodysurfing and drives greater power. The professional bodysurfing riders are still relying on this type of fin for more power and stability.


i. Size and comfort:

Fins are available in small (5-6) to X-Large (13-14). The V Thermo ankle strap will get locked to your ankles. These help in the comfortable ride and need not worry about losing fin. The drain hole in the fin helps to flush out the unwanted waste in every kick.

ii. Material:

This lightweight, comfortable and durable fin is made up of natural Malaysian high-quality rubber. It even floats in saltwater.

iii. Performance:

The separate shaped mold for the left and right foot pocket will produce greater thrust and a comfortable fit. The fin also produces a lot of power in every kick and thrust. The wider edges have taper tips, which will help in sharp turn.



1. It is lightweight and durable.
2. Drain holes clean unwanted wastage easily.
3. Because of blade shape, it produces extremely greater power.
4. It is comfortable to wear.


1. Only one color is available.
2. Only few sizes are available.



This advanced shape of the fin will give you greater riding experience. It is an ideal fin for the beginners because it is easy to riding and produces greater power in every kick. If you want a perfect fin, which is durable, lightweight and reliable. Then this is the right fin available in the market.


6. Hydro Tech 2 Ocean Swim Fins

Hydro Tech 2 Ocean Swim Fins


The patented Hydro-Tech swim fin of V rail design is the best fin, which won an Australian design award. The company mainly concentrates on comfort, minimizing paddle effort and performance. It has a front drain hole or toe hole so debris material will be easily washed off. The comfortable design of the fin can able to move naturally and also available in different colors like black, ice blue, black orange, white green, black green, and black yellow.


i. Size and comfort:

The sizes of the fin will be varying from small to medium-large sizes. Fins have centered foot pocket design will not let water entering into it. The 3 drain holes in the fin create the power tube for the drain out system.

ii. Material:

The specially designed T-form material is used for the construction. It is an ultra-soft silicon-based compound and also super flexible.

iii. Performance:

The design of the fin not only make it flex vertically but also turn sides while padding out. The asymmetrical shape fits perfectly to your feet and V rail design adds stiffness to your kick and greater thrust is produced.



1. It gives you more power with less effort.
2. It is comfortable to wear.
3. The molded foot offers natural movement.


1. This fin is not meant for long distance.
2. Fin won’t float in water.



The special patent hydro tech fins are most comfortable and flexible. The maneuverability and performance of the fin will give you an ultimate riding experience in any type of water conditions. The material is higher-good quality and the only drawback is fins don’t float.

7. Morey – Churchill Slashers, XL (12+)

Morey - Churchill Slashers, XL (12+)

The Morey Churchill Slashers have revolutionized the level of comfort in the body surfing swim fin world. It also the most comfortable fun in the world. This hybrid fin is lightweight and designed to fit your foot. The shape of the fin is inspired by a dolphin.

Features :

i. Size and comfort:

It is available in XL (12+) size, which will be a perfect fit for the adults. The anatomical shape of the foot pockets for left and right is the most comfortable fins available in the market. The rubber covers your feet is soft and the blade is stiffer to ensure power.

ii. Material:

It is made up of 100% natural rubber and provides a gentle fit to your feet. It has a soft rubber for foot covering and stiffer rubber for the blade.

iii. Performance:

The stiffer blade rubber and dolphin shape body will produce maximum power and thrust. It gives greater maneuverability with the stiffer blade. The comfortable rubber will help you to ride for a longer duration.



1. It provides a greater comfort.
2. Maximum thrust and power can be achieved easily.
3. Fin will float in the water.


1. Price of the fin is little higher.
2. Only a few colors are available.



This is the most comfortable fin available for the longer distance riders, because of the softer rubber covering feet. Blades are hard rubber for maximum power.

Final Conclusion:

Selecting the perfect bodysurfing fin is always a difficult task from beginners to advanced surfers. Here, we are considered different criteria like type of materials, durability, weight, comfort, and performance. By picking all these points, we are shortlisted the best bodysurfing fins available in the market. But, the preference for selection of fin will be  dependent on user interest and requirement