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Turning Trash Into Surfing Fins- Step to Reduce Ocean Waste

Water pollution is one of the burning questions in the modern world. We are polluting lake, river, and ocean water every day by throwing waste and plastics. You will be surprised to know that there are approximately 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans, and a single number of plastic bottles takes 450 […]

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Electric Surfboard- No Need for Waves

Surfing is an exciting sport for those who are sports lovers and love to enjoy the blissful beauty of sea-beach. Surfing has been a popular water sport for a long time in so many countries. Surfing adds more enjoyment and excitement for the people to a beach day. Beach-lovers who frequently visit sea beaches are […]

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Best Surfing Helmet Review [2020]

Sports activities are exhilarating. They bring us a sense of adventure and thrill and for a change bring us out of the boredom of our daily routine. One of the most sought after sports activities is water sports. People love riding waves by surfing, body boarding, etc., as not only brings them enjoyment but also […]

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7 Best Swim Fins For Bodysurfing :Must-Read Guide

A fit body helps a person remain focused and perform better not only workwise but also in other things in his life. Owing to the lifestyle in today’s time, it has become increasingly important to take care of the fitness level of the body. There are various options that people opt for remaining fit. One […]

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Boogie Boards for Adults

If you’re enthusiastic about the beachside water sports and like to ride the waves. Then you might be familiar with the boogie board. This is safer to ride and versatile water sport as compared with other sports. The board is smaller than the surfing board and comfortable to ride for a longer period. This boogie […]

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