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What Is Role of Wax on Bodyboard?

Surfing, catching, and riding on waves, are so much fun and a great way to ease tension. Unfortunately, you can become frustrated when you frequently lose balance, slip, or even get knocked off your Bodyboard. Your Bodyboard is made so smoothly for streamlined movement; however, it can be almost impossible to get a good grip […]

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Personal Submarine- Explore Underwater Like A Boss

We’ve already explored underwater via underwater drones, investigating seas from far off. However, it’ll be more incredible to explore underwater yourself like a boss. In fact, now you can afford your very own submarine. And, in light of the fact that it’s the end of 2020 and anything can be possible. We have already seen […]

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Myths of Kiteboarding That Most of Us Believe

Kiteboarding is one of the most interesting sports. There are a lot of sports in the world. Kiteboarding is liked by most people. Those people who are sea lovers love kiteboarding a lot. This sport kiteboarding is also of so much fun and interest. If you are doing kiteboarding, you must know the Myths of […]

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Best Bodyboarders Of All Time

The world has now become sports-loving. A lot of people are doing extraordinary things and enjoying their life every day. If you are a sea lover, then bodyboarders are must like by you. In this article, we will be talking about the best bodyboarders of all time. Here we will speak of some most exciting […]

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The Father Of Bodyboarding- Thomas Hugh Morey

Introduction Thomas Hugh Morey is an engineer, inventor, musician, entrepreneur, and popularly known as the father of bodyboard and bodyboarding. At the point, when he was only a kid, Morey figured out how to bodysurf on his dad’s back. Later he innovates a few mechanical advancements that have vigorously influenced the present improvements in the […]

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