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Body surfing is a water sport that is enjoyed by many.  With the right kind of board and tools at your hand, this becomes furthermore fun and exciting. Body surfing is done by lying on to the board. So while you lie on the board you need a little help or push in the water to keep you moving. The major work of the fins is to provide you with propulsion with the waves, so you could catch waves easily. Shorter blade fins provide you with smaller, quicker and deeper burst kick while the long blade fins provide you with controls and help with long paddle outs.

Fins are the tool that helps you paddle under the water so you can keep on moving. Without the fins, paddling becomes really difficult doing it solely by the foot while fins make it easier. There is less pressure on the foot and they are designed in a way to help you and at the same time be comfortable. There are a variety of fins being offered in the market since body surfing as become a popular sport. So, choosing the right one is really important. Here is a buyer’s guide for your help



While buying fins you have to keep these certain instructions in mind, as if not bought with caution the tool might be completely useless to you. If the money has to spend it should be on the right tool.

USAGE: After deciding that you have to buy the fins you have to decide the usage of the fins. Where will you use it most of the time? Like in salt water or swimming pool. And how many people will use it? Deciding this beforehand will help you in buying the right option for you. Not all fins can be used by everyone and everywhere. So keep this in mind and then go searching.

THE RIGHT FIT: the right fit fin is like finding the right fit cloves in winter. You must always keep in mind that the fin should be of the right fit or otherwise it will cause problems. The fin should be medium fir not to tight not to lose. If it is too tight from the front it will cause a cramp and if too tight from the back of the foot then it will be uncomfortable. If it is too loose then it will cause blisters. So it should be the right fit. Always check out the chart provided by the fins company. Cause each company has it somewhat different. So go by the chart and look for the right fit for you.


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DON’T GO BY DESIGNS SOLELY: fins come in two types of shapes, one is asymmetric design like Churchill, stealth, etc. and other is symmetrical designs like pods and vipers, etc. it is mostly by personal choice in choosing the designs, some may use some and some may use the other. You could see some professionals using the same type of design that maybe because of its features not just solely because of the design. So thoroughly research over it and take suggestions from professionals.

Here are some of the best products:

U.S. Divers Shredder Surf 2 Body Boarding and Body Surfing Fin


It is a company that offers great fins not just for surfing but for boarding, diving, tube fishing, and much other water sport. The best part it is that you can use this for a particular sport and also for some fun in the pool.


Multi-purpose: this fin quality is that it is a multi-purpose fin. People can use it for boarding or diving or surfers can also it or it can be used by traveling snorkelers as well. Goes with every sport, whatever you need be. Designed for adults.

Designed: it has dual-composite blade cups. Also, it channels the water efficiently so that it can provide greater power. It is engineered and designed in such a way that it delivers power and speed while conserving an individual’s energy.

Added advantage: the fin comes with adjustable foot straps and also a built-in leash system and has a super-soft foot pocket. These fins are available in every size from small to large with a two-year warranty.


Multi-purpose fin

Dual-composite blade cups

Provides power and speed to conserve energy of a person

Adjustable foot strap

Built-in leash system

Super-soft foot pocket

Available in every size with two year warranty


Great all-purpose fins

Compact enough to allow for rapid acceleration

The separate ankle strap is great for use


Their usage is fairly specific


Conclusion: these fins are great for adults and since they can be used for professional as well as for fun makes them a perfect buy.

FINIS Long-Lasting Fins:

FINIS Long Floating Fins , Blue Yellow, XS (US Male 1-3 US Female 2-4)

If you are looking for long fins that help you with your water sport then these are the best choice for you. As they are quite long and great for use.

Made-up: these are long fins which have a long blade that is designed to increase leg strength and provides speed as well with it. Also made up of soft, natural rubber for your comfort.

Ability: with the strength to legs it also provides buoyancy which lifts legs to the surface which makes it easier for swimmers to come in the correct body position. And the best part is that these are great for any age and floats in fresh as well as saltwater.


Long blade increases leg strength and provides speed

Buoyancy helps swimmers in body position

Great for all ages

Floats in fresh and salt water both

Made of soft, natural rubber


Great for kid swimmers

Long blade helps in strength and speed


Some sizes in this product maybe an issue

Conclusion: if you are looking for long fins that helps in leg strength and speed with provided comfort then this is the best product to go for. Also recommended by swim coaches for kids, as it is a mandatory tool which helps them to learn. Trusted and recommended by the most.

DaFin Black Swimfins

DaFin Zak Noyle Blue Light Blue Swimfins for Bodysurfing - Large

The fins are the most comfortable fins in the world created by Andy Cochran. It gives the top performance for lifeguards and bodysurfers. Most popular fin around the world.


Long with no foot specification: these are long fins that offer strength and speed to all swimmers. The best part of the fins is that these are not specific to the left or right foot. These can be worn on any foot.

Specific water: these long fins can only float in specific water and that is saltwater. No other water is suitable for this.


Long fins

Provides strength and speed

No specific foot design, can be worn in any

Floats in salt water

Great for all kinds of swimmers


Efficient in swimming on larger waves

Offers range of colours to choose from

Good combination flexible rubber and rigid/harder rubber

Light in weight and easy to carry


Does not evacuate sand really well

Not one solution for all, ca be used for specific water sport only

Conclusion: these fins are endorsed by the United States Lifesaving Association and are considered best fins in long fins. These are lightweight so easy to carry by anyone and no specification makes it a popular one too. If you want a long fin for salt water then these stiff wide blade fin are the perfect match for you. Just keep in mind the size chart before your buy.

STEALTH PRO Swim Fins Medium Black 7-8.5


Another high-performance providing all features fin and that lives up to the name of the foundation of Stealth that is, style, efficiency, power, and comfort.


Angled blade: the fin has a unique angled blade that is designed to provide for maximum thrust and acceleration. Right and left fins also allow for max thrust with min effort to be put in.

Soft Foot Pockets: this feature of the fin has another great feature of stealth drainage system allowing sand and broken shells to wash out.

Finest Rubber: the original shape of the fin is made from the finest Malaysian rubber that provides for optimum power and projection.


Soft foot pocket

Stealth drainage system

Angled blade

Maximum thrust and acceleration

Finest rubber for power and projection


Best fin and stand up to its name and foundations


Nothing is found out as such

Conclusion: it is great fin with the all the necessary features. A perfect match if you need a medium size fin.

U.S. Divers Proflex Diving Fins, blue, large 9.5-11.5

U.S. Divers Proflex Diving Fins l, Blue, Large 9 5-11 5

Coming from the same brand as the first product in this list this fin is another great product. This is a product living up to its brand name.


Blade: this fin features a dual-composite blade that offers excellent snap, power, and styling. These are famous as the popular snorkeling fin.

Abilities: super-soft and comfortable foot pockets are there with an adjustable strap to fit perfectly. Its compact length is great as a travel snorkeling fin but it also acts as a multi-purpose fin for other water sport activities.


Dual-composite fin blade

Super-soft comfortable foot pocket with adjustable strap

Compact length

Popular as snorkeling fins

Multi-purpose as a fin


Lightweight and easy to pack

Amazing diving fins and as training fins


Sometimes causes blisters

Conclusion: these fins are great and live up to all the features that they offer and are very efficient and great multi-purpose.

Kiefer Training Swim Fins

Kiefer 800400-F Tranning Swim Fins, Womens 11 13 Mens 9 11 Navy

These are another great product which offers great features for all kinds of people who wants to enjoy water sports. If you are looking for some great training swim fins, then this is the perfect option for you.


Blade: The blade of the fin is short, curved and firm which improves efficiency and develops kick strength with not overtraining the muscles which allow the learner swimmers to focus on the mechanisms of kicks. These are unisex fins designed for both.

Abilities: there is a foot pocket that is soft, flexible and comfortable. For hours they can be used in pools. These fins are made up for swim workouts and training.  These are easy to take on and off and easily float to the pool surface to easily collect them.


Soft, flexible and comfortable foot pocket

Great for swim trainings and workouts

Unisex fins

Short, curved and firm blade

Easy on and off

Floats easily


Great for training

Lightweight and well-build

Comfortable and fit extremely well


Floats so well that causes some problems staying under water

Conclusion: the fins are good fit for anyone who wants to train and workout in the water.

Churchill Makapuu Fins

Churchill Makapuu Fins Blue

These fins are unique in themselves and are another of the amazing product to buy if you need fins. It provides great maneuverability and propulsion. BC Surf And Sports team highly recommends this fin.


Multi-purpose: this fin is not just for body surfing but can be used for various water activities like it is perfect for catching waves irrespective of whether you are bodyboarding, swimming, bodysurfing or in a tight space snorkeling act. It works for casual swimmers as well. From beginners to pro’s everyone and anyone can use it.

Abilities: the fins provide optimum power and acceleration with control over waves and that is why famous with many professionals. It has a patented Dolphin arc design which gives maneuverability and propulsion. They provide a good amount of thrust while still comfortable. The rubber covering for your foot is soft for comfortability and while the rubber found on the blade is stiff for more kick power.


Patented dolphin arc shape

Optimum control on waves

Great acceleration and power

Good amount of thrust with comfortability

Rubber covering is soft and comfortable for your foot

Rubber on the blade is stiff and provides more kick power


Best heel strap and UV resistant

Lightweight and quick


Uncomfortable and inflexible


Conclusion: these are great fins if you are looking for something that offers control and maneuverability in the water.

CONCLUSION: fins are the tools that will help you train, workout your muscles without straining them and also increase your speed, if chosen right. Otherwise will just cause you problems. So hope you went through the blog thoroughly as it helps you to gain a lot of perspective over buying fins and what are the best products and what is the perfect match to you according to your needs. All your queries related to fins are answered.

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