Well if you are a person that has come across these terms and remains confused or conflicted still then don’t worry most people are in the same boat as you. Let’s discover it.

Bodyboarding is a water sport just as surfing but in this sport, the surfer rides the way while lying on the board rather than standing. In this, the surfer rides on the crest, face or the curl of the wave that is the swell of the wave. It is a sport that can be easily learned by any age group. It is easier than surfing and gives you the same feeling.

Bodyboadring VS Boogie Boarding

Bodyboarding is many times referred to as Boogie Boarding, it is because of the invention of a board which is called Boogie Board by Tom Morey. Earlier the sport was learned and practiced just by the professionals. It was not a fun sport just to enjoy a day in the water. But slowly with time intrusion was made through a new type of boards with people just practicing on it for fun. But slowly the acceptance came and even professionals caved in for seeing amateurs having the fun of the sport in their local spots.

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Actually there is quite a story for the boogie board to come around amongst people. Tom in 1971 footled about with foam, a newspaper, a knife, and iron, and build it into a board which he did not name it. His initial inclination was towards the name S.N.A.K.E according to the acronym of the parts of the body used to ride the board but the idea was flushed down the toilet after his interaction with the ladies in his circle. Being a huge jazz fanatic and himself a drummer he then went to seek help from jazz. So the name’s inspiration arose from the style of jazz “Boogie Woogie” and hence he called it “Morey Boogie” but when the boards started selling in huge amounts it changed to “Boogie Board”. But for him, it still remains the same.

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Since the demand of the board increased and he couldn’t handle it, so tom sold the brand to Kransco. The company then completely marketed and trademarked the name “Boogie Board” and no one could use this name. So the companies that came after it had a difficult time in accordance with name. It is still unknown as to which company came with the name Bodyboard but even the professionals liked it because this name was more attractive and not ridiculing in itself. After the popularity of the name, even the Morey Company started to name their high-end boards as “Morey Boogie Bodyboard”.

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Now, after such a long time different versions of boards have come out with their new unique name basing their invention on tom’s invention only. But since it was the first of its kind many people still refer to a Bodyboard as a “Boogie Board” irrespective of the brand or the board. So the difference between the two is just the name being called by a person, otherwise, they are one and the same.

Though there are some contradictions as to relate to boards that the “Boogie Board” can be found with any general retail shop that sells cheap foam boards but as far as the Bodyboard goes, it can only be found at surf shops that sell expensive manufactured products for surfing. Also, some people have assumptions that if you are passionate about bodyboarding and wanted to learn it than you should opt for bodyboards but if you want to have just some fun in the water than that too periodically and are not really serious about the sports than opt for Boogie board. Especially for kids and beginners, it is good and cost-effective.

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