Best Bodyboarders Of All Time

The world has now become sports-loving. A lot of people are doing extraordinary things and enjoying their life every day. If you are a sea lover, then bodyboarders are must like by you. In this article, we will be talking about the best bodyboarders of all time. Here we will speak of some most exciting and best bodyboarders who surf better than you do.

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Six Bodyboarders Who Surf Better Than You Do

Tyson Williams


Tyson Williams is one of the most incredible waterman communities. He is very expert in this bodyboarding. He has turned his talent of boarding into his way of livelihood. He is very famous on social media, and he has vast audience support. If you don’t know him, you are missing something special. He is great.

Tyson Williams has taken bodyboarding to the next level. He surfs better than any other people in the world. You will be able to know the whole life story of this great human on the internet if you search waterman Tyson Williams on the internet. Tyson grew up in Manly, and he turned into a pro in bodyboarding at the age of 16. He won a drop knee world title in an international event. He started his career in 2001, and now his age has crossed 36. But still, he is on his way surfing, and he is still very expert in surfing. You can’t even think how sharp and excellent he is. He has won many rewards in many national and international events. You will be able to know more about this superhuman on the internet. His life story is very motivational, and it can motivate anyone. So, you must know his life story if you are also a bodyboarder and thinking of starting your career in this sport.

Andrew Lester

Andrew Lester is also one of the most well-known and best bodyboarding experts. He is also very famous on social media, and a lot of people come to watch his bodyboarding, and he also takes part in national and international events.

Andrew Lester Bodyboarding

Image Credit: Bodyboard  Musem

He started his career in 2006. His favorites are the likes of Rusty Moran, Greg ‘Ox’ McKinley, and Gerry Manion. He grew up near the pioneers of stand-up slab surfing. His career was officially started after winning Pipe Masters on a boog in 2001. If you want to know more about his life and motivate yourself, you can search for his name on the internet, and you will get enough information about his life. He started his bodyboarding career in his favorite shark island, and when he got an expert in bodyboarding, his father took him for training and made him sharper. He said that he might not have become as famous as today if he hadn’t joined that school. So, you can understand how important that school was for him. He is a super cool person with unique abilities.

Daniel Ryan

Daniel Ryan body boarders

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Daniel Ryan is also on the list of top bodyboarders. He is a fantastic person. He started his professional career in 2006. He lost his father in early childhood, and his father was also a great waterman. He has made an excellent combination of surfing giant waves, eastern philosophy, meditation, medicine, and nutrition with his incredible tricks. If you are looking for a perfect bodyboarder, this person can be on your list without any hesitation.

Daniel said that “I used to see him out at The Box a lot pulling into bombs out there, then a few years ago he gained some recognition for paddling into tow-sized waves at Teahupoo on the boog”. He has won a lot of national and international prizes. He won his best award in 2013 in an international event.  His childhood was full of trouble. But he used those troubles as his weapon and ran opposite of his fate and become successful. Now he is very famous worldwide and known by most of the people in the world. According to his works, we gave him a prominent position in this list of six best bodyboarders.

Ryan Hardy


Ryan Hardy bodyboarder

Image Credit:

It can be said without a doubt that Ryan Hardy is one of the best watermen. He is a professional and expert in bodyboarding. He won most of the national and international prizes in the bodyboarding world. He has taken this bodyboarding to an extraordinary level. If you thought he is not the best, you are wrong. His childhood was not so well at all. His father also surfed in the see and Ryan had a keen interest in this water surfing.

In 2014, he was the world’s best bodyboarder. He has vast audience support, and most of the people know him. He worked hard because he didn’t get any national or international challenges. But he proved in a national event in 2012 in his country. After that, in 2014, he established that he is the world’s best. If you want to know more about Ryan, you can search on the internet about him. You will be able to get enough information about him. His life history may be the name of massive motivation for you. You can read his life story and can follow him.

Kainoa Mcgee


Image Credit: Bodyboard museum

The most versatile bodyboarder of all time is Kainoa, according to the bodyboard museum. If you don’t know him, you are missing a great person. He is excellent and well-known. He has vast audience support and social media fans and followers. He has extended the bodyboarding with his tricks. If you want to motivate yourself, his life story will surely inspire you.

Kainoa has excellent trouble and the worst journey in his career. He couldn’t set everything up. His father was not on his side and forbade him from surfing on the water. But he didn’t stop; he was in his way, and now he is successful. He faces a lot of trouble. You can know more about this extraordinary person on the internet. He is very famous. Most people know him in the world. You can learn the full life story of Kainoa on Wikipedia. If you read his life story, you will be easily able to know how great he is. He also won a lot of national and international awards in bodyboarding. The most important year was 2019 in his life because, that year, he won the best bodyboarder trophy in the world of 2019. That’s all about him. To know more, search for him on the internet.

Damian King

Damian King bodyboarder

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Damian King is the last and most incredible bodyboarder on our list. He is incredible. He started his career in his school by participating in inter-school championship competitions in the water surfing. Then he successfully caught the eye of his teachers and the instructors. His life was better than others in childhood. His father was a businessman, and he wanted to make Damian a big business. But after watching their son’s interest in bodyboarding, he permitted him to go on his way. It helped him a lot in achieving his life goal.

Damian has tremendous audience support, and many people come to see his tricks and excellent works. He has his own uncountable national and international and other awards. He is a perfect and calm person; if you want to know more and know the whole life story, you can search about Damian on the internet and get motivated with his life story.

Final Words

All these bodyboarding champions are great. They are the name of massive motivation for us. You will be motivated if you read one of these bodyboarding’s life stories. So, you must read their life story and get motivated. All of them were great and hard working. They face a lot of troubles in their life. If you want to know more details about these great people, search for their names on the internet, and you will get everything about them on the internet.

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